Psychedelia in HD

  • Dec8/07 00:02:06
  • Listening To Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Feeling wired & tired
  • Smoking a Camel Red 9's

Hello everyone.  Lurker turned blogger. 

I'm Rio, 21/m stoner tanuki from Chicago.  And kappy fan! ^_^  

Taking a break from final projects (I hate gen eds).  I graduate culinary school on the 15th!  Ugh, tired, but Vyvanse (Rx adderall, MY Rx) is keeping me awake, and coffee.  *sigh* Sadly, no weed til the 10th, at the earliest.  I gotta wait for my paycheck.

I just downloaded  the Timothy Leary album offa iTunes, it's pretty trippy.


khyberkitsune Dec9/07 11:05:02
[khyberkitsune]Welcome to our little personal funspot! *passes a j*
karma Dec9/07 18:49:42

Hiya Rio! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation ^.^


*punks a few addies and skitters off* =o