I'm a Quitter

  • Dec20/11 10:16:54
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  • Smoking a e-cig, fuck yeah!


Hehe, got your attention :3

You might have noticed I've been posting some pics of electronic cigarettes and their goo in the gallery lately. I'm proud to say that I officially quit smoking on my first attempt 34 days ago. I feel fucking great :D Thanks to these little marvels the transition was completely painless and I am now slowly lowering my nicotine dosage.

The best part is I really enjoyed smoking (never tried quitting before) and I don't have to sacrifice the feel or aesthetic now that I'm technically a "non-smoker." Better still, I can use these badboys anywhere smoking is banned.

It's nice being able to taste things and breathe and shit. If you're a smoker maybe you'll consider joining the thousands of us who have flat out quit, check out my product reviews at and order a kit today!

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All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

  • May7/11 10:25:53
  • Edited May7/11 10:37:54

If you don't know me you may be unaware that I'm gay for Adam Curtis. His new documentary series All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace will premier on BBC 2 two days after the end of the world, according to all of those nutso christian billboards that keep popping up. Be sure to tether yourself securely to a heavy object as all reports indicate this is a series of films not to be missed. I tried putting the premise into a few words but it takes an article so please read this exclusive he gave The Guardian and be sure to watch the teaser:

Fara May10/11 00:25:46

Thanks for the link. I will be watching :3

karma May24/11 12:47:06