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Telegram: @StonerFursNSFW & @polydrugs

Download Telegram then join the StonerFurs group and if you do other drugs join us in the polydrugs group for unrestricted discussion about your favourite substances or anything that comes to mind!


Download Discord and join us in the #stonerfurs channel on the Discord server!

Our Pet Bot duK

You may notice a strange character lurking about our IRC channel, pay no mind if he utters a rude comment or two. This is our pet robot duK, he's a little crusty but he knows a few tricks - some of them are useful and others can be quite entertaining!

Duck Hunting Game

Every now and then a wild duck will enter the channel. You have an opportunity to prove your skill by shooting it before anyone else does!

This is a rather intricate game and unfortunately the instructions are in French - but with the magic of Google Translate we think you'll manage fine.

Getting Started (Original French)Getting Started (English Translation)Shop Items Available for PurchaseLevels and Bonuses

Universal Translator

duK speaks over 60 different languages. You can ask him to translate a single line or turn on constant translation for a certain user so you can carry out conversations with people who do not speak your tongue in real time! He's such a smart cookie you typically don't even need to specify the language.

!translate lang or !autotranslate lang
Displays the detailed list of supported languages.

!translate [[from- to]] <text>
Translates the specified text.

!autotranslate <nick> [[from- to]]
Enables the continuous interpreter for the specified user.

!autotranslate <nick> off
Disables the continuous interpreter for the specified user.

Site Feeds

Check out the latest posts to StonerFurs.Org and some other furry sites!

Television Guide

Check when your favourite show is going to come back from hiatus or how long ago the last episode aired!

!tv search <title>
...then using the ID number for the correct search result...
!tv <ID>
<you> !tv search real time
<duK> Running: 13046 - Real Time with Bill Maher
<duK> you - You can now see informations using command !tv id
<you> !tv 13046
<duK> Real Time with Bill Maher / Status: Returning Series / Total Season: 15 -
<duK> Premiered: Feb/21/2003 - null / Rating: 4.33 (Votes: 36) / Watchers: 74 / Country: US
<duK> [NexT] Name: TBA - s15e25 airs in 6d 13h 37m 4s
<duK> [NexT] Name: TBA - s15e26 airs in 2w 6d 13h 37m 4s
<duK> [NexT] Name: TBA - s15e27 airs in 3w 6d 13h 37m 4s
<duK> [LasT] Name: TBA - s15e24 aired 10h 22m 56s ago
<duK> [LasT] Name: Richard Dawkins, Jon Meacham, Fareed Zakaria, Jim Parsons - s15e23 aired 1w 10h 22m 56s ago
<duK> [LasT] Name: Al Gore, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Joshua Green, Michael Weiss, Ralph Reed, Jr. - s15e22 aired 2w 10h 22m 56s ago


These additional features are also available but we just haven't gotten around to documenting them yet! Ask an operator and they'll be happy to help you!
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  • Bartender
  • Spin The Bottle
  • Russian Roulette
  • Google
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