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hey... my name is Leo and i live in tucson az. I love a harty bowl then to Cook! I love food and everything around it... taste, look, culture... I aslo love to incoperate weed/and or hash to any meal! Good eats. I am also an avid gamer... Bioshock=Best RPG ever!

I dont really consider myself to be a "stoner" i just make it a lifestyle. I am very philosophic... i consider myself more of a phycodellic user to be honest... i will always argue my point of view and am always interested in a person who can keep up with me... and i also respect any opinon even if i dont agree.

any one want to chat wit me or RP... hit me up...

" In a world where everyone is guilty the only crime is getting caught, in a world of thieves the only sin is stupidity..." Hunter S. Thompson