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About Me

I'm Kinda shy when it comes to introducing myself to other people and I've pretty much just sat back and watched the fandom for the longest time.
Id really like to just get out there and meet other people like me at either conventions or at local meets where I live. I've only been to two conventions and both weren't really the best, I didn't have any friends to hang out with. 

I'm a pretty smart fur that likes having the chance to prove himself and do better, excelling at anything I do. Like currently, I've been getting better at drawing and trying to get into fursuit making. I used to make costumes with my mom when i was younger to wear for Holloween and made my first black and white cat suit at 10 years old, the suit no longer fits sadly and I had never really thought about starting up and sewing again. Least now i have a passion and a muse by being in the fandom and hopefully I will get even better at my drawings and crafts

I work with computers and modding in my spare time, Plan to go to UTI for Automotive so I can get some money going for when I start making fursuits.

Music is considered a passion for me, I love everything there is about music and raves are the shit!

Cons Attended

Midwest Furfest of 2009
Midwest Furfest of 2010

Fursuiting - Soon.. as i get or make one
Music Mixing - DJ's at Parties
Music Production - Damn right :o
Computer Repair - Computers and Gaming Consoles 
Sewing - Getting better!
Drawing - Not very good v.v
Minecraft - What?.. I loved legos as a cub
Gaming - Table Top Role-playing and Video Games

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