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Country Australia
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Occupation Archery Instructer, Martial Arts Student.
Interests Anime, Weed, Martial Arts, Ancient weapons, Ancient combat arts, Druidism, animals, yaoi.
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About Me

So hey, yeah I'm Cruxius... Most people call me Fox, or Cruxius but my name is Alex. There is one... exeption... My friend Chris insists on calling me " Fox-boy"... At any rate I'm homosexual, and no.. I don't bow down to just anyone, it takes someone who is very Seme  to dominate me, I usually dominate but I've been submissive a few times.. very few. Any who I enjoy walking through forests and  any type of nature environment that is ... detached... from society, I sort of hate technology in various ways, but at the same time love it. I'm a Raver and a Stoner, But I don't need halucengenics for I have " Controlable Mild Schitzophrenia "  Meaning I can control my halucenations and turn them off and on whenever I want, good for raves. I am schitzotypal as well meaning I have a sort of.. eccentric, supernatural outlook on life, as well as a eccentric/supernatural personality. But hey just makes things better right, lol. in general I'm an Animal inside and out, personality wise  and behavior wise, Also... Most of my teeth are classified as Canine teeth, I only have 8 molars instead of 12, 16 canines instead of 4, and 8 incisors like every one else.  I had a dentist check it out and not even he could figure out the reason for my premolars being more like canines than molars to the point they cannot be classified as premolars.

Me on the right, My friend Drake on the left.


Me on the left, Drake on the Right, Foxes and Ravers 4 life :3