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Country United States
Province Verginia
Location West of Richmond
Occupation Dealer
Interests Doodling, Music, Longboards, Horticulture...
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About Me

I'm just going to type whatever comes to mind... nothing is coming to mind O_o
Well I guess I'll just type without thinking.

I like dangerous stuff, and that will probably be my down fall. When I say dangerous stuff I mean like knives, sharp objects, fire, lighters, fire-arms, etc. I put knives and sharp objects into 2 different categories because some of the things I own are sharp and/or have a blade but are not considered knives... Fire, I love flames, except when they don't love me :|... I have way to many lighters, I always have one in arms length... I own 2 Zippos, one I bought on Amazon, the other belonged to my deceased Uncle... Other weapons I have are all blunt type weapons, like batons, bokken, manriki-gusari, etc. I have 3 fire-arms at the moment, a double-barrel shotgun, a bolt-action 33 rifle, and a semi-automatic 22 rifle...


I am what you would call a person who learns different skills that you would rarely use in life. For example I can pick-locks and my record time for picking a master lock is about 36 seconds...

I like pushing my body to the limit, sometimes its a bad thing. Like this one time I wanted to see how long I could ride my bike around my neighborhood, and 3 hours later I passed out xD. It didn't help that it was 96 Degrees out side and I didn't bring any water with me. But yeah I like pushing myself as hard as I can /: soooo yeah...


I don't really hate anything, but some things I hate... PARADOX!!! :D

1.People who lie
2.Furry haters
3.People who are mean
4.Extreme homophobic people
5.People who tell me I'm going to hell because I'm Atheist
8.Girls who act like bitches
9.Teachers that hover over me while I'm working
10.People who steal my stuff
11.Having a hate list
13.Joseph Kony
14.People who hate me because I use Cannabis.
15.Un-neccesary violance
16.Anti-Marijuana protesters.