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Interests Dolls, cats, sci-fi, 60s
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About Me

Howdy, the name is Tempo. My fursona is a cantankerous 68-year-old grandfur with a hippie past. Not much to say about her, really, other than she is literally me. There are two versions of her, the young and wild version and the calmer and more cynical older one. I believe in the decriminalization of drugs, the abolition of ICE, free healthcare and education, women's equality, LGBTQ+ equality, environmentalism, individualism, pacifism, and natural nudity.

And aliens? Totally exist.

My dream is to make my own animated movie, and I have several concepts down, but my brain child is Synoropolis. I have a deep passion for animation and anything furry, however I have to go to school to complete the first one. Dolls are my lifeblood, and I am currently making a few. I thoroughly enjoy sci-fi and furry literature, and sci-fur even more so. I wish to go vegan, but I don't have the willpower for that kind of task. Cat people are literally the prettiest things I've ever seen, and I was obsessed with drawing cat people ever since I was a small child. I was a fur before I even knew what that was!

I am going to say this outright; if you are a conservative by any stretch of the imagination, you probably shouldn't interact with me. This isn't to be mean, it's to avoid meanness. I am very opinionated and I would rather not start a fuss over the internet with a stranger.

I'd say that I feel quite welcome here.

Commission Info

Yo! My prices are pretty reasonable, I'd say. 25$ for a shaded fullbody and background, 35$ for two characters. 15$ for a half body and background, 10$ for a headshot and background... You get the picture.

Dolls will be on the market soon.