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About Me

Hey there my name is Ho’ne Diheart, the spectrum bolf(the hybrid of both bear and wolf.) stoner.  I am from Ohio, so hit me up if your from there. I am 19 of age. I am not religious, but I do respect those that are and hope that they do the same for me. I am gonna admit I am bit of a nerd. I love playing video games, and go LARPing every Wednesday. I am big on the RPG games, and I love manga and anime. I am a artist(not a very good one) I have a fur affinity: ^check link^ I have more art but no scanner. My music interest is from anything but country and rap…..and Justin Beiber.  I am a gamer as well I have a ps3 gamer tag is Nikomak70 add if ya wanna play. That is it so far, I’ll update this when I think of something else.