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Interests music, anything furry,and weed
About Me

As human:I'm a punk

As for being furry: I'm a wolf

And proud of It

My fursona is a Black,Red,White North American red wolf.
The male is called Lycan and the female side is named Bane and they both look the same but have different genders.
Most of the fur is black,on the head,hair and back of the body,white fur from chin,chest to belly and crotch,The tail is completely black,red stripes on the ears,red lines down the side of the body (neck to whist)between the white and black fur.
(Designs on the fur)Red X's on the biceps,a little white on both arms,it kinda looks like a up side down v?. When Lycan feels a sort of ecstasy in his paws,paw pads glow red when certain emotions are felt such as excitement,happiness and love.Lycan's member grows eight inches long when hard and only glows bright cherry red when hard. Both Lycan and Bane's eyes glow yellow at night. White and red weird design on the bottom legs,silver claws and green eyes.Lycan has a fem personality,he prefers males and is submissive.He is very affectionate,kind and open minded,He's smart,tends to get away with things without anyone noticing whatever it was he did. Bane is a anarchist,a total dyke and likes to be dominant,she is aggressive and can get angry easily,narrow mined sometimes also she is rebellious. Both love music and art,anything to create or be creative with.