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About Me

I like ganja, i have made my own bongs (shitty ones at that), i have so far bought about $200-300 worth of weed in my lifetime, smoked $100 more than that, have a $35 bubbler named Big Buzz, had what looked like almost an eight of shrooms to myself at once one time, had an incignificant ammount of coke, and have had bubble hash for a while.

Favorite Types So Far: Super Silver Haze, Blue Dream, Mr. Nice, White Rino (first weed and best high ive ever had)

Weed i want to try: AK-47, Skywalker OG Cush, Purple Haze, Northern Lights

Favorite munchies: Potatochip Nachos, Pizza from PapaMurphies, Charelston Chew, Vannila Waffers, Poweraid, Arisona Tea

If someone would be willing to draw me an Avi for free, please tell me, my old one was on my old computer which crapped out and i havent slaved the hard drive yet