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About Me

Hello! My name is PandyKusH~ Some of you may or may not know me here, But I decided I needed to make an account on a related site to certain drawing interests, Since FA is prohibiting drug reference pictures. I draw alot of stuff with drug references, so I'll come here and extend my friendship and possibly artistic services to those who are interested~ 

I'm from texas~
I'm 22, And am happily mated<3 
I'm an anthro artist~ 
I'm....balanced (A libra thing lol!) 
I'm forgetful... Sorry If I don't remember you right off the bat. 
I like making new friends! I don't bite..for the most part. 
I go to cons! 
cons I've been to: FWA 2010, RCFM 2009,Furry Fiesta '09 '10,A-Kon '09 '10, Yulecon '09,afest '09,San Japan 2009, Anime Detroit 2009, and a couple others that skip my mind as well.

I'm nice, and I Love to talk, so message me or something!

Commission Info

Full color:$20-25
Icon(Digital only):15$