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About Me

Warning: I say "Dude" a lot.  As well as a menagerie of other Comlpletely lame phrases and words.


I actually came across this site by accident.  I'd stumbled across a 420 furs group on Furaffintiy and was looking for it when I found this Place.  So I'm like, "...awesome."  And that's that.

Hm?  Wait, wut?  Oh riiight, introductions and whatnot.

*cough cough*

So yeah.  I hail from a podunk little backwoods community in Tennessee, but currently Reside in Nashville for, ya know, college and such.  Being from More rural parts, it Always seemed like everyone and their grandmother grew cannibis out In the woods.  Hell, there're still a fair few moonshine stills in use.  Anywho, because of this, there was never any Real shortage, so I got all my stuff for free.

Imagine my bewilderment and dismay when I moved to the city and found that people weren't quite as generous with it.

Let's see, what else? 

Oh!  My name! Of course.

On the furry interwebs I go by Waya.  I'm a canine mutt of many breeds, mainly Border Collie and Coonhound.  There's wolf in there too, but technically every dog has some wolf in them, so THAT argument, my friend, is invalid. 






And now!



a few Awesome things I like:






making my About Me section ridiculously long


animation  (it's my major, after all)

randomly capitlazing words that have no business Being capitalized



things that My ear finds pleasing

all things Jazz


Folk music from any part of the world

Classic and Roots rock

All Carribean styles (steel pan makes me happy)

Bluegrass and (some) country


                               So, yeah.  Pretty much anything old timey with some soul to it.

Commission Info

Um, I don't have a PayPal account, but if you really want one, or are just really awesome and want to do it out of the goodness of your heart, head over to my DeviantArt and give me some points.  I'm up for whatever.