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It's as easy to catch a sexually transmitted disease here, as it is a bus. Though as much as we'd like to think our city is special, the fact is if it's not NYC, it's Chicago, Los Angeles or Seattle, Washington. Simply stated, STDs are a huge problem in the United States. In America STDs top the list of infectious diseases. When searching for a clinic make sure there is a board-certified doctor on staff and that your discretion is assured. Catching an STD in NYC gives new meaning to the phrase, "If you can MAKE IT here..."

It's as easy to catch a sexually transmitted disease here, as it is a bus. Though as much as we'd like to think our city is special, the fact is if it's not NYC, it's Chicago, Los Angeles or Seattle, Washington. Simply stated, STDs are a huge problem in the United States. In America STDs top the list of infectious diseases. When searching for a clinic make sure there is a board-certified doctor on staff and that your discretion is assured. Catching an STD in NYC gives new meaning to the phrase, "If you can MAKE IT here..."
No matter where you make it, the fact is that an STD is the possible result-that and a child. Unless a family is what you're aiming for, take all precautions while engaging in sexual activity. If you're new to having sex, or you're an old pro but haven't been tested recently, it's time to find an STD clinic.

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There are tons of options in choosing an STD Clinic in NYC. We're number one in restaurants, the arts...and healthcare. This is one thing that cannot be argued with. Plus, if you argue with a New Yorker, chances are he'll win. Even if he needs to fight dirty!
Remember the realities of what it is we're dealing with here in NYC:

HERPES: More than one quarter of the adults in NYC are infected with the herpes virus. A 26% rate compared to a 19% national average.

HIV/AIDS: Of all the states in America, NYC has the most cases of HIV and AIDS.

CHLAMYDIA: In NYC rates are twice as high in women than as in men.

GONORRHEA: Out of 100,000 people over 88 are infected. Ranking it approximately 23rd out of the 50 states.

SYPHILIS: There has been an alarming reemergence of this very serious disease in the last decade or so.

HEPATITIS: Rates have taken a dramatic turn for the better. In 1995 rates were approximately 12% per 100,000 people, today that is down to 1.5%. Rare good news!
As one can easily ascertain, STD rates in NYC are following the national trend, that is, things aren't getting much better at all. Locating a clinic and being tested is one way to arm against them. For when one learns that they are suffering from an illness, it is the time to begin treating it.

Thankfully, each and every STD Test is quick and painless. Result times vary, but all are rather fast, thus affording ample time to medicate. When visiting an STD Clinic. One can expect the doctor to ask questions regarding sexual history, number of partners, use of condoms, etc.

It is important to give honest and truthful answers to these questions, even if you feel a tinge of embarrassment. Truthful answers can guarantee the best possible care. Be assured that STD clinics take privacy extremely seriously and there is no chance of your personal information being shared with others.

Sexually transmitted diseases  are among the most common infectious diseases. There were nearly 800,000 cases of such infections last year. Sexual intercourse is not always necessary to contact this sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes the HPV wart is not on the genitals, but on the surrounding skin, or the groin.

Common warts are caused by cutaneous HPV types, such as HPV-1 and HPV-2. These common skin warts generally appear on the hands and feet, though they also appear on the elbows and knees. Common skin warts are either yellow, light gray, brown or gray-black, and are firm to the touch. They normally appear on the back of your hands, or near the fingernails.

Sexual activity with contaminated partner is widespread reason of the female genital warts. It is also feasible to acquire them from the oral sex; however the virus appears to flourish better in the genital tissues. Sex will always be a part of your lives, so don't worry about not getting any.
Rarely, bleeding or urinary obstruction may occur if the wart involves the urethral opening.  Genital warts also can develop in the mouth or throat of a person who has had oral sex with an infected person.

Best Thing To Do

Abstinence is the only 100% effective way to avoid pubic warts. Abstinence is the only way to avoid the spread of female genital warts. Combine abstinence with genital warts in female treatment and you will be good eventually.

How about if you are sexually active? Use condoms. Condoms (used all the time and the right way) may lower your chances of passing HPV to a partner or developing HPV-related diseases. But HPV can infect areas that are not covered by a condom—so condoms may not fully protect against HPV.


Wartrol is basically a combination of multiple different homeopathic herbal products that combine to form a potent genital wart treatment. Unlike, traditional genital wart treatments that are applied topically, you place a few drops of  wartrol under your tongue. Wartrol is the best solution to remove genitalwarts. There are a number of remedies available today to treat genital warts - from a natural home remedy to over the counter genital wart cream products.

Remember! Always seek the advice of your physician or other health provider for any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.

Giardiasis is the most common waterborne disease in the United States. Giardiasis can also be spread during anal sex. Anal sex often involves one person touching the anus (the inside of the bottom) of another person. Giardiasis occurs worldwide with increased prevalence in areas with poor water treatment facilities and unsanitary conditions. The area of highest prevalence is the tropics and subtropics.

Giardiasis is more prevalent in children than in adults, possibly because many individuals seem to have a lasting immunity after infection. This organism is implicated in 25% of the cases of gastrointestinal disease and may be present asymptomatically. Giardiasis is an intestinal disease caused by Giardia lamblia and related organisms. The giardia organisms are microscopic protozoans and, therefore, invisible to the naked eye. Giardiasis accounts for a relatively small percentage of traveler's diarrhea  Giardia has been identified as the causative agent in a large percentage of cases among travelers in the region of St.

Giardiasis occurs worldwide and is a common infectious cause of diarrhoea. The incidence of diarrhoea associated with Giardia is generally higher in resource-poor countries.  Giardiasis is an intestinal illness caused by microscopic parasite called Giardia lamblia . It is fairly common cause of diarrheal illness. Giardiasis may be spread in day care centers if workers aren't careful to wash their hands each time after changing diapers. If you go camping, take bottled water or boil water before you use it.

Giardiasis is a parasitic infection of the small intestine. It is the most common cause of parasitic gastro-intestinal disease and up to 20% of the world’s population is infected.


Giardiasis may also spread by not washing your hands after a bowel movement or after changing a baby's diaper. The parasite is then passed to another person by simply touching the other person's hand. Giardiasis can also be spread from person-to-person, such as in day care centers that care for children in diapers. Giardiasis is passed via the fecal-oral route . Primary routes are personal contact and contaminated water and food.


Giardiasis is usually diagnosed through a laboratory examination of a stool sample. Your physician will forward the stool sample to a laboratory which will use a microscope to look for the parasite. Giardiasis is an intestinal illness caused by a microscopic parasite called Giardia lamblia.


Giardiasis is usually treated with a medicine called metronidazole (brand name: Flagyl). It's usually taken 3 times a day for 5 to 10 days. Giardiasis does not have any race predilection. Giardiasis is treated with prescription medicines that kill the parasites. The treatment takes anything between 5 and 7 days.

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Getting pregnant is a nerve wracking experience. Whether it was a planned pregnancy or an unplanned pregnancy, there will be questions, fears, anxieties, and doubts. However, an unplanned pregnancy can be accompanied by feelings of loneliness and desperation. Luckily there are clinics that offer free and confidential help to women who find themselves in situations that seem to be too much to bear.

Clinics that provide aid for women were developed on the idea that an uninformed choice is no choice at all. They truly believe that the safety and health, both physical and mental, are the keys to allowing the women to make informed choices. For this reason, they do not simply provide medical help, they go far beyond by welcoming the women in a safe environment in which they can receive counseling and an education on their situation.

Many of the women who visit clinics are struggling with not knowing whether or not they are pregnant. Free pregnancy tests are offered with immediate results. This can ease the mind of the woman. However, if the result proves their worries correct, a helping hand will continue to be offered.

Counseling is also offered to help the troubled women that walk through their doors. It may begin with what to do about the situation they are in, but it continues long after a decision has been made. The counselors will ensure that their mental health is kept steady during the entire pregnancy. Above all, these clinics are a safe for pregnant women to express their fears without judgment.

During the pregnancy, the unborn child is cared for. Here, women can receive free ultrasounds to check on the health of their baby. The clinic even offers referrals to where completely free medical services can be received during labor and checkups after the birth. During the entire pregnancy, the women who seek help will be presented with accurate information regarding their reproductive health from qualified physicians.

One of the greatest forms of help is prenatal care and advice. For many women, this is their first pregnancy. They feel scared, alone, and uneducated on what to do to keep their baby and themselves healthy. The doctors will schedule regular appointments that will teach the mother-to-be how to make sure that their pregnancy runs smoothly.

Lifestyle changes may be necessary. This may include quitting smoking, drinking, or other dangerous activities. Support will be offered on how to make these necessary changes a reality. Doctors will advise the pregnant women of how to properly nourish their body and baby through vitamins and diet. They will also keep the women up to date on the natural changes that are occurring.

The services are not limited to pregnant women. For those women that come in and find out that they are not pregnant, the doctors will also take the time to educate them on how to avoid an unplanned pregnancy and STDs. They even offer counseling and support to the fathers of the women they are helping. Such caring clinics are a long overdue necessity for the health of women, children, and most importantly, families. The help they provide will shine through in the community as more people are capable of making informed decisions.

Fashion designing courses are generally offered to students after Std XII. These courses impart training in all aspects of garment manufacture. However, the quality of training varies from institute to institute.

  The admission to most of these institutions is via an entrance examination. Short listed candidates are usually put through a Thematic Apperception Test, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.
  The undergraduate program is a four year program and the students can opt to specialize in one of the following viz. Fashion and Apparel  Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories (Accessories, Personal Products and Interior Accessories, Footwear and Leather products, Jewellery and Precious Products, Interior Products and Handicrafts) Fashion and Textiles (Knitwear and Textile Design) and Fashion Communication.

  Prestigious and competitive courses in fashion technology are offered by the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, which has trained some very prominent fashion designers. Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai is also a well known training school.

  The curriculum in most institutions is designed so as to emphasize thinking and ‘a learning by doing’ approach.

  In addition to the regular programs at the undergraduate and post graduate level, some institutes like NIFT also offer summer programs.

In 2001, a woman walked into Chicago’s police headquarters holding a pair of testicles she'd bitten off an attacker.

Abi Grant awakened with a burglar on top of her, threatening to kill her, and punching her face. She punched back. She thought she was going to be killed. When he put his tongue in her mouth, she bit it hard and grabbed his penis and dug in her nails. When he tired of hitting her, she used his penis for leverage and managed to head-butt him. He fled.

Even when erect, a penis is merely soft tissue that's attached to a man's body only by weak, blood-engorged, spongy tissue, skin, nerves, and blood vessels – not by bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon, or anything at all sturdy. The same goes for the testicles and scrotum. Thus, a man's genitalia are extremely vulnerable.

A rapist's genitalia is within reach of the (unbound) victim – either from behind or in front – and many martial artists claim that it can be easily torn off his body. However, a lack of volunteers to test this theory forces it to remain part of martial arts’ lore. Yet, if you think about it, this very same lack of volunteers makes it blatantly obvious that it's far too dangerous for anyone in his right mind to try finding out – even a failed attempt could maim.

So it's a safe bet that a woman ferociously wrenching a rapist's genitalia like wringing out a washcloth – even one-handed – will seize absolute control of the encounter. With the utmost irony, his fragile tool of crime suddenly becomes his undoing – truly poetic justice.

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