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Country United States
Province Oregon
Location Springfield
Occupation soon to be proud father of a beautiful little girl
Interests my family, weed, music, friends, vide games,
E-Mail kaylajean3 [at]
About Me

20, gion' on 21 y.o. lez in eugene/springfield area of oregon, livin life to the fullest with my gorgeous wife, and will be the proud father of a little girl in Feb. if you live in eugene you might run into me at the ltd station sometime.

love kickin' it with my friends and smokin' a bowl, playin' video games, whatever sounds fun. draw sometimes but not nearly a much as i used to. lookin' for work to better support my family and give my little girl the best life i can give her.

trying to figure out how to tell my wife that i am a furry. don't know how she feel about it so i don't even know how to bring it up. if ya got any tips, hit me up haha i could use 'em!