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[Atticus]This is my first blog, and who knows, it may be my last, but I thought I'd just like to have a little vent.  So, the news emerged in my local paper yesterday that apparently "heroin laced cannabis is hitting our city", to which I respond "bullshit".  Where's your evidence? This is just another "war on drugs" scare tactic like all the others - you know the ones I'm talking about - to throw dealers and smokers into a frenzy and what do you know? It's worked.  No one I know is supplying anymore because they're frightened, to which I reply with a resounding "WHY?"  It's not like they've ever had experiences with laced cannabis yet alone heroin laced cannabis, this also includes a wide variety of stoners I've talked to, but as soon as our trustworthy perveyors and protectors of the truth the media tell them what's what they throw down their swords and duck for cover.  Maybe I expect too much from people, but it's not hard to use your head and think "why would they lace cannbis, a relatively cheap drug, with heroin, which is quite extortionate", to which someone may reply "to get them hooked", well, yes, maybe, but the cases of someone doing that are high. Very high.  It's also impractical and a waste of money.  Furthermore, if the weed was laced, surely a thorough inspection is enough to tell whether it's off or not.  So why stop? Well... for the most part they're unreliable.  I don't even know why I'm going on.  I don't need it to keep stable (it does help me sleep though..and my regular stomach pains), but it's just an annoying situation.  I'm dry for two weeks now apparently because everyone's "waiting for things to blow over".  Yes. And in the meantime I'm going off to find a new supplier... hopefully.
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