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sorry if i post twice

  • May29/12 02:27:33

sorry everyone im having trouble with the site and i cant exactly post with ease sorry again.


  • May29/12 02:21:31
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[Bluntwuff]This is probably just the ganja talking but Id like some opinions, So i was minding my own fuzzy self watching Animal Planet and I saw tis specia on how they found a beached mermaid after the navy beached a bunch of whales and stuff with this ultra high frequency now theyre trying to cover it all up, needless to say Im freaked out, what do you dudes think? are mermaids real?! thad be crazy if they are haha, well cheers everyone light one up :3

Freaked out about mermaids!

  • May29/12 01:51:03
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 this is probably just the ganja talkin but id like some opinions. I was minding my own fuzzy self watching Animal Planet and I saw this Special on how they found the remains of a mermaid and the navy was trying to cover it up, needless to say im freaked out lo.  do you dudes and dudettes think mermaids are real?   i kinda do it was pretty interesting, but thad be crazy if its real afterall. well time to read some blogs over a few bowls  Cheers everyone :3

High in the mountains

  • Oct27/11 17:05:08
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[Bluntwuff]Just finished blazin about an hour ago ( I've obviously started back up so sorry if I make no sence) anyways for whatever reason I decide to go to town and that's about a half-hour walk , so out I go from my motorhome that I just hotboxed high as hell down the road. This is the country and I forget that because I'm so high anyways I'm smilin and having a goodtime I got my furry wolf ears on and everythings a blast then reality hits me I'm out in the middle Of senic nowhere just looking around (it was dusk) like whaaaat just happened? This weirded me out so I turn back around to go home it's night at this point so there I am in a mostly whitecountry setting headed down the road at night and there are no sidewalks justyou walk on the shoulder of the road so I'm almost there and then I get stopped by a Sheriff and the deputy they got the carlights on me and then ontop of that both of em bust out the maglight in my head I'm sayin ",Fuuuuuuuuck," because i have my pipe in my rolling box machine in myback pocket. So there I am 6ft with my wolfears beenie and dressed in allblack lol. The cop says " hey sun what are you doin what's goin on?" in me head I'm still trippin so I say something like uhhh nothin going home" the he says back well ok then just don't let me catch you out here again. They left and didnt bother to check me and I had the pipe plus some bud after that I got home and finished up the bud in a chill spot at home and played some manfred Mann lol
  • Jul24/11 21:57:14
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Im high as a plane hahahaha X3How about you? This shit im on will have you tucking your tail between your legs