Foxxy feels funny >.>

I found a new skill =D

  • Feb5/09 13:41:24
[KronikFoxxx]I recently started getting into Flash Animation and I am really surprised at how fast I've picked it up. I made the background to my Blog myself. If you want I can totally make something for ya, if you ask nicely ^-^ I have made slideshow GIF files (the ones that change pictures), radial gradients (like my background), and linear gradients. 

WOW! Been a long time!

  • Feb5/09 13:29:02
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Well, hey everyone! I haven't been on in at least a year! Wow! Any who, I've been hopping around the the states quite a bit =/ I'm currently living in Arizona, which sucks. I visited all my friends back in El Paso for about a week before work pulled me here, and that was a jolly good time =D I had about 5 bowls a day, got to hang with all my high-school buddies, and even got lucky ;3 I spent New Years stoned off my ass, wathcin' Bolt 3D with two of my real close female friends. I spent 3 days hiding in my homies apartment (really long story =/) but that was great! He got himslef a PS3 and some really trippy games (I can't remember them xD) and the last night i was there... just WOW! Mushroomhead and Sytem OF A Down blasting thru his amp, the pipe and hookah were filled to the top and we smoked at least 10 bowls before i noticed him *ahem* pleasing himself...  but i digress. Anyway, just wanted to say i missed you guys like mad and couldnt wait to get my internet hooked up!



                Peace and Love,


Great News

  • Jul23/08 12:31:31
  • Edited Feb5/09 13:29:36
[KronikFoxxx] I recently met a another fur and we are now dating! His name is Ray and he is a dragon! He sweet, smart, and not to mention SEXY AS HELL!!!!!

Oh man...

  • Jul5/08 15:36:35

My father just called me, his disapproving words felt like knives in my skull. He knows that i am gay and he hates me for it. So for now I'll just smoke and forget. Peace and love.


karma Jul5/08 15:40:49
[karma]Shitty deal, Kron. Hope he gets over it.

Been a while

  • Jul5/08 14:06:51
  • Smoking a cig
[KronikFoxxx]Havent been on in a while, mostly cuz i haven't smoked in a while. However, yesterday i got smoked out by Ernest. He was supposed to meet someone up at the park but he got stood up so he came down to brandey's place. we rolled a small J but even tht was even to me to be good for a few days. Anyway, peace and love from Kronik to ya all.