Moving to the new home and what not.

  • Jul4/08 21:27:26
[Kyrusfox]Wow finally I posted another blog on this site. Been busy and haven't had much time to spend online. Well for the past month(s) I've been getting ready to sell my old place and move into my new one in the Langford area. Its over half a million so its quite pricey. My parents are living with me and i'm letting my buddy rent out the basement. Its not like any other basement, but its like a apartment feel to it. Well since I actually get to do nothing till the house is sold I went to whistler for a bit. It was f**king awesome. As for my drawing and whatever. Its all postponed since Furaffinity as been flonked out and my art tablet as been packed away. Meh Whatever the case is. I won't have any new art for quite a while. well peace out and take a puff-puff-pass for me.


  • Feb21/08 16:20:10
[Kyrusfox]Well Finally I got this thing to sign in...Well Hello my fellow stoner furs just another happening to join in the fun...well anywho I just thought I would make a blog since this would break the blog-virginity on this sight :3 yay! I'm also a artist so I'll post some art soon enough(well as fast as I can) for your tripping out needs. >:3
karma Feb22/08 04:50:49
[karma]Hiya! I like your drawing style, can't wait to see more ^.^
ThexZombie Feb27/08 17:31:46 edited Feb27/08 17:33:00

  LOL. Sup, Ky. Fancy seeing you here!

 Or rather, me, cos' I'm just so anomalous. *Eyeroll*