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Good Morning

  • Nov10/09 06:36:38
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[Maurien]7:15 AM. I have to go talk to an investigator regarding the theft of my father's truck. It regards the same person who, not even a week ago, had wanted me to pay him $200 for compensation for a bunch of extacy he had flushed when my friend had a panic attack and I woke everyone up in the house to help. So pretty much, I told him to fuck off, because what he did out of an act of paranoia is not my fault. Don't get me wrong, I don' have even the slightest problem with the individual, since he was my supplier, but it seems now that his newest concern is acquiring said amount of money from me. My friend Mr. 12 gague keeps that from happening though >:3 I have moved out of that house and am now back at my dad's place. I'm actually really suprised that when I told him I smoke weed, he didn't kill me! He actually told me he doesn't mind! I know for a fact though that he used to, or maybe still does smoke green, so I suppose I was expecting the wrong thing. I haven't posted in a long while, and this is my newest update. Blah blah blah, alright, I'm off to the sheriff's office!

Oh Noes! New Fur Alert!

  • Sep11/09 20:12:52
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[Maurien]I am new, if it is not completely obvious. I am a quick learner, but I still have a lot to learn. I have seen adverts for this site many times, and I finally decided to pop in since I have gained an... interest... in certain products...I hope to fid some folks around my locale in the future to maybe hang with!