Mind of Mutt

i return

  • Mar2/09 13:33:04
[Mutt]sup mother fuckers. did you fucknuts miss my ass. btw: Ive been clean for like 7-8 months c:
  • May1/08 08:23:21
  • Listening To My friend REL talking
  • Smoking a nothing, sorta on a clean streak sence yesterday
Like whut up yo?!
Long time no talk. Just chilling in first on a laptop researching WW2 Nazi shit like BOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG!!!! ;D Fer Sure.
Anyway requests PLEASE
Check out my art to see if you want anything at http://www.nazi-mutt.deviantart.com
Got a DA and like what you see why not add me too? <3333333
god I'm pathetic [spelling?] 
Later <3 Mutt 
karma May5/08 06:12:35
[karma]you're a strange puppy. nice arts.

shit fuck damn

  • Feb8/08 09:43:35
[Mutt]ah fuck me man! i just found out i need to get my ass in serious gear if i don't wanna waste my summer still in school! D;

sitting in biology

  • Feb7/08 12:24:31
  • Listening To Listening to my bio teacher babble
  • Smoking a Smoking [i wish]
[Mutt]yep yep, wasting away in bio on my psp since my skool has everything else blocked D; blah so fucking bored and my thumb is starting to hurt