Fur in the Wild

All Good fest

  • Jul30/12 18:52:53

I went to All Good last weekend in Ohio. Awesome fest! Lots of good bands, less bros, more cool old hippies. The Allman Brothers kicked ass, as did Lotus! Papadosio needed more time, in my opinion, and The Flaming Lips were surprisingly underwhelming. I missed Shpongle :( saw him at Summer Camp though. A lot of damn rocks, too!


My fox tail got many compliments, and everyone always wants to pet it :3  I met a girl who enjoyed giant tails too. Woo!

Did any of my fellow furs have the chance to attend? Let me know how it went :D

SyrrisTomcat Aug23/12 14:51:54

I went to All Good Festival about 8 years ago in West Virginia, I was 16 years old and had the time of my life! It's definitely a fun place.. at that time I didn't have a tail or paws to show off... perhaps next year when it comes around I may do that.. I bet the tripping people had a blast seeing that. That's awesome dude, I'm glad you had a fun time. 

Paulicus Apr3/13 15:38:37

Just came back to the site :P  I certainly hope you've been able to get to other fests since that one Syrris! Grand 'ole time.


All Good was certainly one of my favorites! Alas, being out on the west coast I won't be able to party with the GR/Kzoo (MI) crew this year. With grad school taking up so much of my time and $$, hopefully I'll be able to find my way to at least one fest this summer. And yeah, tripping people love it. I do to, I miss it if I trip without :3

Festival furs

  • Jun13/12 19:09:51

SO, I mentiond that I have a spirit hood, that I especially like to wear to festivals. I found a tail online that happens to match my hood almost perfectly. Something to keep in mind if any of you are interested in some tails :D  festivaltails.com  The fox tail is really close to the red wolf spirit hood.

On a similar note, I've been practicing spinning poi with my tail on. Luckily with most moves it tends to stay out of the way or is easily avoided, but I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate my tail into tricks. So far all I've come up with is doing a wrap around it to swap the direction, though it's harder than I thought as the tail isn't secured very tightly. It's take some more practice to be sure, and pondering of other tricks. Any suggestions??

First blog post, first furry community, first online social forum in a while.... to new experiences!

  • Jun11/12 20:24:03
  • Listening To Lotus - Sargasso Sea
  • Feeling tired
  • Smoking a nothing, it's bed time. That's a waste!

I've never had a blog before, unless you count a livejournal from highschool, I guess. Whatever happened to livejournal anyway? Eh, fuck it, don't answer that. I'm not sure what I hope to gain from this. I've never had online social relationships go much beyond cursory, but why not? I'm already here, after all; and it'll be nice to actually talk about my furriness with someone for a change. The past few days I have been wondering, though: what do furry friends do differently than non-furry friends? Maybe it's just nice to speak what's on your mind instead of holding some things back. I don't think any of my friends are furries, and if they are I'm a lot worse at reading people than I thought :P  Too many people judge.

I bought myself a spirit hood last christmas (guess which one). Anybody else have one of these, or even the cheaper korean versions? I just fuckin' love having soft furry ears and paws if I want 'em :3  Though I will say the only thing I miss from my own cheaper korean one that's not the same on the american-made spirit hood is the claws! With the cheap one I had little pockets for my fingers and could scratch my face with the little leather claws on it. An awesome experience when tripping (holy shit, I'm a dog!!) I went so far as to try to cut them off and sew them on the spirit hood paws, but stopped when I tried doing this first stitch- way too hard to get to it and it probably would've been disappointing anyway. Oh well, the fur is much nicer anyway.