Yet again, moody and miserable...

  • Oct31/09 18:18:12
[SmokeyDuck]You all must think I'm some pathetic loser who is rarely happy. Guess what? You maybe right! No matter what happens, even when luck is good and things seem to be balanced, they just turn around and piss in my face. Is outlook the key? I used to be so happy-go-lucky and now I wake up almost everyday and wonder if it will turn out to be another big let-down. I CANNOT wait to get some THC in my system again! It truely is a good mood remedy. Even if the feeling is fake as pleather, at least I don't feel like a big piece of shit, and can brush off what my significant (??) other emotionally hands me all the damn time (more like my karma policeman or maybe bitchy Jimminy Cricket). Boo-hoo. It's my pity party and I'll cry if I want to. I am so sick of yet again facing another hum drum day with no future other than what I experience constantly and it really is nobody else's fault but my own for staying in my cement shoes. Sorry to fill more cyberspace with my little sob-story, but this is a kind of therapy and it helps to vent. Peace to you all and hope your existance is better than mine right now. Happy Halloween! *grumble grumble* FUCK!! 

A little better

  • Oct22/09 09:06:17
  • Listening To my conscience
  • Feeling back pain
  • Smoking a imaginary bowl

Today isn't so poopy. Maybe because it's only 9 am and I haven't been tempted to drink another bottle of wine. Can't wait for some herb, though. I'd rather wake'n'bake then have mimosas for breakfast, but as stated before, it's better than sobriety when you're feeling like a jerk. And where I live, liquor is much easier to get than Mary Jane. A bad second choice--drinking is way less fun and way more addicting. Plus all that goddam recycling to deal with :)

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but why can't herb be legal? So stupid! It's less harmful than any other mind-altering substance, including many phramaceutical drugs, it's ecologically friendly, doesn't create a violent effect like other elicit drugs, or the legal and much more dangerous alchohol. Maybe becuase if we were all stoned, nobody would go to work or give a shit about the government. We'd all want to express ourselves and be happy instead of spending gobs of money on garbage to temporarily pacify ourselves. When you're high, tree bark and rocks are more interesting than shopping malls and food courts. Also, I've noticed more people don't put up with bullshit when stoned, so that might scare the capitalists and politicians because they'd have a harder time pulling the wool over our eyes. Conspiracy theory, anyone? 

There's a good and entertaining documentary called "Grass" that explains the origins of marijuana in modern culture along with it's legal and social ups-and-downs. For something funnier yet still informative, try "Super High Me" by Doug Benson. I won't spoil anything, but it's very funny. You must have at least an 8th to smoke. Otherwise, it's like showing a picture of water to someone dying of thirst while blasting a laugh-track at them. Peace!

Marezine high

  • Oct20/09 14:21:18
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  • Feeling is sad
  • Smoking a thing you can drink

Marezine, an over the counter drug (generic name "cyclizine"), commenly used for motion sickness, is a crazy fucking hallucinagen. *note as a warning, caution of overdose is advised*

As life continues to be incredibly boring and recreational drugs make it more worth dealing with, I thought I'd share an exprerience on an over the counter drug called Marezine. You may have heard of Dramamine; "Mare" is a much stronger version of this drug.

Sometimes I look around to see what substance will enhance daily existance, and while THC is the prefered choice, LSD, or other hallucinagens can be really exciting to think about. A friend and I tried Marezine during a rave once and it was something I'll never forget. We took the whole box each (12 tabs; 1 to 2 is the recommended dose). I only tried this once because it was a crazy experience and haven't since. I'd recommend acid or mushrooms before this, but it was very, very interesting.


After about 2 hours, we started seeing the weirdest shit; I was chasing dust bunnies the size of footballs around the dance floor and started hearing voices over the music. A tile from the floor flipped up. My reasoning was totally confused. I thought there was the top of a tin food can sitting in the middle of the floor and I tried to pick it up. This kind of crazy shit happened all night. While it felt amazing and totally unreal, it was scary at the same time. At home in bed, I felt like my muscles were going to explode and I couldn't sleep for hours.

A few years later a friend had asked about it and even though I gave him a warning about the side effects, he tried it anyway. He came to me later and was freaked out by all the monkeys in the trees outside of my house.

I guess this comes up because I'm sitting here drunk (it's 3 pm for christ's sake) and wish I had some better, more inspiring way to pass the time. I live so far away from any drug culture that it's hard to come up with something to be high on--even pot. Alchohol or maybe meth...but fuck meth. No way. I don't mind cross-tops, but meth a soul killer. I'll never take that shit again.

---->Does anyone here have any recommendations? I'll be getting some herb soon, but dammit, I'd love to find a good alternative that won't cost an arm and a leg or short/long term damage (no opiates, unless it's codiene). Any suggestions? Yes, I'm into drugs as an enhancement to an otherwise tedious and lousy existance. Fuck the standard "way of life"--money loving, trash accumilating, sub-standard human living. I hate the daily grind mentality that most people are satisfied with. Give me Neverland or give me death! Sorry to sound so negative, but fantansy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than reality. You're missing out if you think otherwise...  


Big hug!

  • Oct16/09 16:54:37
[SmokeyDuck]Just wanted to send some love to all the potheads here. BIG HUG! This is a really fucking cool sight to be a part of and I hope to make some online friends here! Peace and massive hits!

Moments in time

  • Oct16/09 09:15:24
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  • Feeling is better
  • Smoking a bubbler named Scooby

Now that I'm hooked on this site, here's some more musings.


A few years ago a co-worker, kind of a hippie-chick and very cool, approached me about being a smoker and said if I ever needed anything, I could come to her. I did and she became a pretty reliable hook-up. As a thanks, I made her and her boyfriend a drawing of a skunk chilling with a spliff and they hung it on their fridge. A week or so later, and to my utter surprise, another co-worker came up to me and said she loved the drawing I made. The shock was this lady was in her fifties and I had no clue she smoked. I mentioned the encounter to the hook-up girl and she was pretty bothered, which is understandable since this was a sort of blown cover for all three of us. No harm done, but it was a little awkward.

I guess the moral of the story is art is a mysterious power, and don't make drawings for your dealer.