• Jul12/09 23:59:51
  • Listening To Tool
  • Feeling Pissed as all Fuck
  • Smoking a pipe



A Special thanks to the two fucking whores who know who they are, on their new cases of ghonahonaherpesyphalitis and the many flipper finned shit babys im sure they'll spawn together. Rot in hell.


Oh and an extra special thanks for stabbing me in the back and telling me the night before my interview. 

Everyone can Diaf as far as I'm cocnerned

  • Jul8/09 15:44:04
  • Smoking a Pipe

yeah hi and stuff, you dont know me (probably) and I probably dont know you, but for the most part as far as I'm concerned  99.9% of people can diaf. Maybe its just me being a bitter  emoie bitch, or maybe its because ive  had nothing but green  (off the plant) shit to smoke for the last 3 weeks, but  yeah people suck even more than usual right now, and frankly i dunno if ill trust anyone again for a while.




ok now that I got that out of the way, I'm Sorsha, been a furry for the last I dunno 15 years or so, stoner for 9ish. Yay for me, maybe ill write again soon when I'm not so damn emo. HAH not very bloody likely