Mousey Maus is Pothead.

Last Remnant!

  • Nov30/08 10:07:18

In other news, Last Remnant is fun as crap to play while blazed~! :V


Say hi to the mouse on Xbox Live if you has it! Gamertag is FoxCillian. :3


I guess that's all I really wanted to post. :V Just felt like putting on a little blog to say hi to folks before I call Steve. >:3

Steve's picking up his phone again! :D

  • Oct25/08 13:41:38

So my good buddy Steve started answering his phone. I hadn't really talked to him in a while, so it was fun when he called! :3

Said he'd call back pretty soon too, so I decided to come on here and post a blog after I chatted with him for a bit.

Me 'n Jin (roomie) are prolly gonna go drive and see him later on. Won't he be surprised? >:3

Steve and the lack of.

  • Oct25/08 00:32:07
  • Edited Oct25/08 00:33:04

Okay I guess I'll start with explaining who Steve is.

     Steve is the codeword my friends back home (San Antonio, TX and surrounding area) and I use to talk about pot right in front of people. It started up cause my friend Jake just thought it'd be funny, so it caught on and we used it allover the place. A small part of the san antonio pot community now uses this codename, and I've been trying to spread it further. I think it'd be hee-larious. Anyway, examples would be, "Hey man, have you talked to Steve lately?" (Do you have any pot?) , "Man, I've been trying to get ahold of Steve, but he won't pick up." (I'm trying to buy some pot.) , "Hey man, I'm gonna go call Steve." (Gonna go smoke pot!) , and so on and so forth. You get the idea. Anyway, now that that's explained, I guess I'll just continue.


    I'm sad~ cause I don't have any pot, and I can't seem to find any tonight. Is it just me, or whenever you actually have money for pot, it's hard to find, but when you're broke, everyone's trying to sell it? Whatever. :V Hopefully I can get some tomorrow. >:3