Tidbits from tha Fox

How Tha Fox Spent his Saturday

  • Jan13/08 21:46:03
  • Edited Jan13/08 21:46:38
  • Listening To music at work.
  • Feeling bored
  • Smoking a menthol clove in a few.

I figured you folks here may appreciate this :3


so I spent most of saturday with someone named Lucy. she was in the Sky, and had Diamonds.


before I even start. I know as well as anyone I am becoming more of a druggie. I dont pretend to be dependent on any of these drugs, and the only one I am addicted to is Tobacco. I make sure the drug is safe long before I even think about trying it. USA is uptight about a lot of drugs that are much much safer than Alchohol or Tobacco. so pretty much if a drug is safer than Alchohol, I consider it safe. so I definitely consider LSD safe.


so LSD is supposed to be a hallucinogen. I took about 3/4th of a hit with Addie and Kezz around 3:30pm. it didnt take effect until 4:30. both of them were convinced it wasn't working. we went to eat at Subway, then came back home and still no effect, so they thought it wasnt working. I had a hunch otherwise. and that hunche proved to be accurate. soon enough it took effect and we started enjoying ourselve quite a bit. I lit up a bowl of shisha. after about an hour or two of "trippin' bawls" (wich we have dubbed this trip cuz of the empty bawls bottles littering our table). we invited the K-man over. and he enjoyed being with two crazy furries, and another crazy who just so happened to not be a furry.


I gave Kezz's status of trip sitter to K-man (after all it is difficult to trip sit when you wourself are tripping as well).


The trip lasted for a long time, as I hear LSD trips are wont to do. but in addition, it slowed down time, so it lasted even longer!


~When Addie began to laugh uncontrollably, I became inexplicably fascinated by it, and watched closey as he could not stop laughing, and forgot what he was laughing at (much like me on new years eve in Kiran's car). I told him "your amusement amuses me. does that amuse you?"
~SMOKING! it was awesome. I was entranced by the smoke as it rose, and played in the air currents, enjoying watching my smoke rings dissipate.
~I again felt very much like Rauol Duke out of Fear and Loathing. I wonder if Ill always feel like him when I try a drug. I was talking with cigarettes in my mouth and moving all very much like he was in the movie.
~Kezz cuddled my tail as I played Guitar Hero, purring the entire time.
~I played guitar hero upside down with a right side up guitar. so my RIGHT paw was on the fret and by LEFT paw strumming. the buttons still lined up. it was incredibly trippy, and very fun.
~Addie noticing a plastic container on the floor under the table and saying "there Ketchup on the floor!" I looked and responded "dude. thats marinara sauce" (Kezz and I suffer from Bachelor pad Syndrome).
~whenever either Kezz or Addie said we were "so high" I would correct them in a Rauol Duke sorta way "the correct terminology is 'trippin.'" honestly I dunno if you can use the term "high" with LSD or not.


all in all, the most hallucinating I did was during those periods where I went to my computer, and as I was looking at the monitor saw smoke rising on either side. but it was still very much a great time. I was encompassed in a constant state of curiosity, and euphoria. I kept pretending to play my hookah as I sucked smoke from it ;3


it was a very long, and very fun day.


karma Jan15/08 15:47:54
[karma]Good way to spend a saturday. You're lucky, smoking tasted llike shit to me, but I'm an old fasioned cigaratte kinda guy.