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The Fox has a Speakeasy now

  • Sep8/09 02:45:06
  • Edited Sep8/09 02:49:43

well, I have been a "420fur" for a while. But Im actually pretty new to the whole pothead thing. I am such a lightweight, that I only need a couple puffs to get high. But ever since Kezz moved back in with me, I resolved that I would become more into smoking. Indeed, for helping kezz move all his stuff over, he bought me my first glass pipe. I now have 3 pipes: one (wooden) for Tabbacco, one (metal) for salvia, and one (glass) for weed. this is of course in addition to my hookah, which is being used regularly now. I promise I will get pics up of my lounge. it is fuckin awesome. here some sneak previews

Bryan and kezz in the lounge: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2620574

My sacred Chao poster: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2676484


I recently obtained MY first bag of weed. Until now I had always just mooched hits off of other people's weed. but for the first time in my life, I actually have my own weed :O I know not that special, but considering how long I have been smoking weed, its sorta funny.

 to comemorate this, I have decided to turn my Hookah lounge into a speakeasy (no actual change, just people are encouraged to bring and smoke weed in there).

complete with fake advert littered with 30s slang: http://420furs.org/gallery.php?id=1072

Once cloves become illegal I will definitely smoke a LOT more weed hehe.


oh yeah! I tripped on acid last saturday, and Im going to use the rest next saturday. I am going to have such a fun time. I have a fucking ton of glowsticks and it will be soooo awesome ^_^