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music lesson #1 n.n

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well damn, my avitar doesn't fit...

 it is agreed amungst almost all weed smokers that music is the greatest invention of man(the vaporizer is second greatest)

so i guess we'll start with some basic music theory. the notes in music go from A to G, plus the sharps/flats. so if you wrote all of them out it would look like this: C: C#/Db: D; D#/Eb; E; F: F#/Gb; G; G#/Ab; A; A#/Bb; B; and back to C    

  (C#=Db, D#=Eb ect...)

 if you didn't notice there aren't any sharps/flats between E and F or B and C

 ok now lets say you wanted to play in the key of C. to do so, all ya have to do is follow a really simple pattern of steps. a whole step is when you skip ONE note, and a half step is when you play the note immediately following the note your on.                          

Examples: whole step: C to D, F to G, D# to , B to C#, F# to G# ect...

the step pattern is: whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half.

 so starting with C (cause we are playing in the key of C) the notes we would play following our step pattern are...

  C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and back to C

when playing in the key of C there are no sharp/flat notes, but don't let the notes of a scale limit you. tone changes can be a cool way to change up a song your writing.

 another example of this step pattern in the key of E:

 E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, D#, and back to E

if you play guitar or bass look up "modes" they will help you memorize the shape of these scales across the fretboard.


todays fancy ass guitar trick: tap/slap harmonics

try slapping or tapping the strings on different frets. try doing it as close to directly over the fret bars as possible. for an example of this, watch the movie august rush. robin williams has a great serious role in it, and that little kid can shred on an acoustic.


thats all for now, next week chords and arpaggios

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