Coyo's RC Journal

Tuning my shiny new blog..

  • Apr6/12 18:31:28
  • Feeling tired

I love the interface, it's so clean and relaxed. Reminds me of FA a bit.

Maybe better polished.

Anyway, I'm going to be tuning my new macroblog here, and I'll see if anyone whatsoever reads it.

So yeah, this is a cool website.

I'll be able to post my naughty misadventures here.

This'll be fun.

Oh! Hey, I wonder what the 420 Furs community thinks about RCs?

Introductory Post of the Coyo

  • Apr6/12 18:19:56
  • Feeling curious

Hey all, just thought I'd register and say hello.

My name is Coyo Stormcaller. I'm an inky black and glowing green coyote daemon.

I'm a teacher and a learner, currently studying a major in mathematics. I often can be found in my natural habitat of mentoring and comforting teenagers, and experimenting with things.

I don't know the rules here about.. certain things, yet, so I'll just keep quiet about those things for now.

I will say this, I am completely new to weed, I've never tried most recreational drugs. I've recently tried ecstasty. It was epic. But my family was angry with me for the longest time over that.

I generally love entactogens and empathogens, and I like anything that makes intimacy better. I'm an affectionate fur. I love cuddles and I love socializing.

I look forward to meeting all of you. See you on IRC!

SeipherFox Apr21/12 10:32:33

Welcome puppy, :3.