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It might be cool to use this and not tell anyone about it. It'll be our little secret!


I had a good day today. My boss' boss (or something like that) came in and did an audit of our store. I took a peek at what he had to say and he identified me by name and called me a definite top performer (major buzzword in the chipotle culture haha) could have gone better but we have a good plan on how to move forward from it, and we finally started talking seriously about my promotion to KM :) I'm going to try my hand at doing the food and smallwares ordering starting tomorrow. Can't wait.


Had fun at FWA last weekend. Miss the friends I met there. :( Definitely ready for AC in the summer though, hopefully with a few old friends from around town too :3 I really am ready to build up my friendships with people again. I have held on to my grudges/insecurities far too long. I really do want to be a good friend.


Fritz needs to get hoooooome. I wanna cuddle. :c