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Sweet Computer Case Converted Into Grow Box

  • Feb16/10 01:13:08
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In just a couple of weeks, I will have my new LED equipment in, and ready for sale.

 Did some measuring on an old A/V case a friend gave to me - it's nice and large, 8.5" wide, 21" long, 16" tall. Got it lined with Chromalux paper-backed reflective foil, stuck a 120mm fan in there, gonna pull the 200w PSU out and block that off, run a 12V wall wart directly to the 120mm fan. 

 My 50W circular panel is only 6.5" for the outer diameter - I could fit THREE of these things in there for a total of 150w for about 1.5 cubic feet of space - OVERKILL. I'll stick with a single 50w. I've got a 6 quart tub in there, rigged to hold two plants. I still need to get an airline and airstone set in there. I'm going to shoot for an ounce per plant, that will prove my LED panel does the damned job and can perform right up there with any HPS, if I hit past the "gram per watt" barrier most growers tend to come up against. 

Fuck life's been moving at light speed

  • Feb3/10 14:29:56
  • Edited Feb3/10 14:31:08

Too busy getting set up with my UK partners. Getting an online shopping site set up for my LED growing lights, getting my passport so I can travel abroad and attend meetings and do consultation for major $$$.

And, I'm working on a cannabis-specific panel. Use only it throughout the entire process, veg and bloom, nothing else. Get awesome buds. :3 

 Lots of stuff happening, too much to list, really. Time to load a bowl.

 Oh, and my current LED progress:My shizzle

New funstuff coming in!

  • Jan24/10 01:49:08
  • Edited Jan24/10 01:50:47

I just received new LEDs, need to make my own reflow soldering tool to mount it properly. Gonna rig an old desoldering iron.

In the meaantime, my current LED units have sold over 600 units so far.  Yes, they work that well, at least for non-weed applications.

When I make one for weed, I'll let you know.

Pic of my current model:


My lights

LED Lights on the way!

  • Jan8/10 19:59:03
[khyberkitsune]Fuck yea! My prototypes are on their way! Can't wait to rock it out!

Well, fuck!

  • Dec13/09 19:58:21

I haven't had much of a chance to redesign my closet, because something on the level of totally fucking awesome just happened to me.

I've been recruited by several companies across the globe (UK, AUS, France) to be a key player in the design of the next super-powered high-efficiency LED growing panel. First, we focus on fodder systems (commercial stuff) then once the success has been determined of that product, we may be goinginto the household indoor horticultural market, or we may say fuck that and just start marketing our newer stuff to NASA/JAX/ESA.

I have access to some hardcore lighting tech. Holy fuck. I wish I could make a laser pointer out of one of these 5W SMD emitters. Fuck anything a wicked laser could make!