20+ Year Old Wine

  • Jul27/08 13:41:42

I pulled an old 4L bottle from the basement as we were cleaning it out for some new tennants yesterday.  I asked my grandfather what was in it, and he said it was wine that he bottled YEARS ago, and that it had to be at least 20 years old.  He also said that it could be from the last time he pressed 50 gallons back in 1958, but it's unknown. 

I sterilized the bottle and began filtering it and placing it into smaller bottles after I checked the wine with a hydrometer.  It measured out right, and has a relative alcohol content of 14 percent.  I pulled a bit out to give it a nice smell, and oh god did it smell absolutely AMAZING.  The taste was even better. 

We bottled 'em up, corked them, and now they are sitting in my fridge for labeling later on.  

I'll start making wine soon, and I have a cellar that is just PERFECT for wine-making, as it's about 50-60 degrees all the time down there. <- pics are there

Fuck this area

  • Jun24/08 07:41:46

I was used to paying $40 for 1/4oz in Savannah, and never paid more than that.  I moved up here and got a WAY better deal on shit, but then I came back to my hometown to find that the prices here are retarded.  I've got one guy that has nothing but shit that will get you retarded as fuck off of a couple hits, but he wanted to charge me $200 for 5/8ths. 

I work my magic and get back in contact with a friend fromPittsburgh and decide to roll up 65 miles just to see him.  He gets me a hookup and I get the fattest sack I've ever held in my life.  Yeah, I know a lot of you will say that this shit is nothing compared to some of the crap they have, but that't not the issue.  

I got pulled over in another jurisdiction after making the deal.  I had these huge bags in my cargo pocket when the cop asked me to step from the vehicle.  

"How much have you had to drink tonight?" The cop asked me.

"Nothing sir, I'm not old enough."  He asks about my friend, and I explain that he is not as he just got out of the hospital with a sprained ankle (which is legit).  Another cop pulled up when he asked me this shit, so I thought I was dead.  He tells me to get back in the car.  A minute later, he hands me my liscense and my information and tells me to slow down.  

After driving a 1/4 mile from the point, my friend and I began laughing hysterically.  Woo I could have been as to be so unfortunate to get busted on my first big purchase.  

OH, I spent $150 on this, and it got me pretty baked off of one bowl.