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I look at the world and...

  • Nov3/07 10:51:45

Say it's utter madness, i can't understand how people manage to get up every morning, take the metro to work and sit in that bloody metal cigar that doesn't even have a driver anymore, it's all computerized and if you're not careful you can be certain to get your bodyparts ripped off by the doors. My roommate's moving because he's fed up with sitting in that cigar twice a day for 45 min and honestly, i can't blame him. Don't speak of the money the tube costs.I hate to see him go, it hurts me although he doesn't see (or wants to) see it. 

karma Nov4/07 11:06:38

Damn, that's a mess. I don't think too many Torontonians would be comfortable with a totally automated system; it's bad enough with the asshole drivers we have ;)

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