Wolf's Howl

Shower Troubles

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GT entered the showers and looked about. His clothes too needed to stay dry as he walked over to the lockers, opening one to find another pair of clothes. This lit his eyes up and grew a mighty grin across the canine lips. Someone else was in here and was about to get a surprise, granted they wanted to have the big shepherd. So he quickly placing his stuff in another locker,and moved to a nearby shower. Turning it on and listening for another patron to make noice. Which would lead him to the correct shower.

Jon's wolf-like senses happened to pick up on not only the second shower, but also the soft splashes made when this other person walked through the already wet floor. "Hello? Who is there?" Jon asked half already feeling an ache in his rump Well that was an odd sensation he thought but payed no other thought to his second-long rumpache.

GT murred to himself as the voice rang out, letting him know where to go for some fun. He exited the shower he was in and turned to the cubical right next to his. Too easy, looking in, he found the wolf. Back to him this male stood, and with that view, GT's heart and sheath reacted with exitement. Cock hardening quickly, he was ready to have fun and really didn't mind taking the fun without asking. Murring louder to top the water's splashing, he looked Jon up and down hungrily. "Hey there stud"

Jon's ears perked up as he recognized that voice. He had heard it before in the lounge. His eyes grew in suprise it can't be him.. he thought. He then turned and he was right to assume it was that shepard he overheard yiffing that bunny. "Can I help you?" he asked.

With a broad smile and a confident stance, GT would look this wolf up and down with an aroused set of eyes. Licking his lips, he responded calmly in a smooth tone of voice "Yes...you can actually.." Smiling a bit more, his eyes wandered down to Jon's hips. Admiring them as they seemed to be usable in the events he had planned to take place. Straight wolf or not, he was too horny now to take no for an answer

Jon gave GT a curious look. "Well... What do you need?" he replied, having guessed what this 'something' could be. He sort of backed a bit away from him, his red hair covering part of his face.

With the same confident smile, GT began to move into the wolf's cubical. Taking up a surprisingly large amount of the space. There was virtualy no escaping without moving him and to be frank, not many could move this canine. So closing in on his new wolf toy, he spoke again "Well..you see Im kinda...in "need" ..and you seem like you could help. What do you say?" Calm and cool at first, he already had this feeling that the events soon to happen would be forceful.

Jon started to look around trying to find some means of escape, but to no avail... He half smiled and kindly said, "I'm sorry but i dont think i can help you." He then started to move forward in hopes that the rather large canine would let him pass by.

"Oh I don't believe that. You can deffinitely help me out and I'm more then certain it will be nice for the both of us." Stead as a rock wall, GT continued forward as Jon tried to pass. Pushing him with his large, muscular chest, he didn't move out the way at all. He had set his mind to something and now he planned to fulfill his desires. Backing the wolf up till he was inches from the wall, the canine slowly raised his paw and placed it on a wall. Leaning against it in a sexy, confident pose, the canine smiled "Ok, this is how your gonna help me. Ready?"

Jon was feeling a bit scared about what was about to happen. He saw as this obviously horny canine kept pushing back, till he was finally trapped against the back wall. His eyes showed his fears, yet his body stood dignified. He soon becamed determined to simply move passed him. He may be a lot bigger than himself, but that wouldn't stop him. With a stern voice, "Please, move." His eyes soon changed from their deep blue color to a fierce orange.

Now as the canine was cut off and not able to finish, he got angry. So with a lightning fast gesture of his paw to the wolf's throat, he slammed Jon into the far back wall of the shower. Coming up to pin the wolf there, his other paw made a tight grip on the male's family gems. Not really caring that this was a dirty approach, his horny side got the best of him right now. Growling low and deep, he moved in to open his jaws wide directly next to your neck. Razor like canine teeth shining as the shower lights hit them. "Don't...ever....speak to me like that you insolent little bitch boy.." Snarling this, his tone had dropped to an unbelievable low. Body ridged and not moving for anyone. "Now you listen up you stupid little son of a bitch. You are gonna be my play toy..and your gonna like it... got me?!" Squeezing hard to your throat, he held it for a long while.

Jon was caught way off guard by this sudden, and painful, action. He was barely able to breath having his throat clutched so tightly. And what was worse was having his precious gems squeezed so hard, sending a shock through his whole body. The pain was escrutiating, he felt the life being drained from him, yet the canine didn't kill him. Jon feared for his life what will happen next. When he was squeezed in such a fashion, his eyes switched back to its deep blue color instantly, and tears started to flow from his eyes. Jon wanted to cry for help, but he knew that that would only make things worse. After the initial pain from his gems, he felt warm blood start to make its way down his back. Jon realized the only way to escape was to given in.

Growling still low and agressively, the canines grip began to lessen on the gems. But as he didn't need a scream or yelp bringing in unwanted guests, he held tighter to the wolf's neck. "You make one sound and I swear to the heavenly lord that you won't walk out of this shower. Got me pipsqueek?" Said with such force, the canine wasn't mich bigger then this wolf anyways. But his aggression and well trained body form would easily put him over the top for anyone trying to mess with him. Pushing on the wall behind the wolf, GT began to show off the amount of power he had over Jon. Wanting to take it perfectly clear that nothing but what GT wanted would be happening. And as his strong right arm rippled with his anger, the canine lifted Jon's feet from the ground. Looking his prey dead in the eyes. "Cry all you want...but I would suggest enjoying it. It's better for you..." Then with a quick release, the canine dropped his wolfy toy. A good foot to the ground, he knew the message would be clear now.

Jon noticed that this very determined canine wasn't that much bigger than himself, but he also knew that he was way more powerful than himself. On the back wall, some tiling fell to the ground after Jon's body was moved. There was a deep red color on the tiles, but that was quickly washed away by the raining water from the still running shower. His back resembled that of an angel who had lost their wings, there were wide scraps on his back, near his shoulderblades, and red trails flowing down his back into the pooled water he was now sitting in. He looked up at this hulk of a person and his eyes switched back to that fiery orange color, however he knew it was best not to fight back, for he wished to get out of this situation alive, and hopefully see his mate again. Boy won't this be a story to tell. He proceeded to caress his balls, making sure he still had them, before standing back up, looking fiercely into the canine's eyes, yet keeping his silence.

Growling with a wide smile, GT looked down upon the wolf with an evil grin. Not really caring at the moment that blood was being shed or tears for that matter, he wanted to get his needs taken care of. So watching the wolf make sure the little me's were still there, he smiled "So, how are you liking it soo far bitch" His voice still low and forceful, he merely stared back into those furiuos wolf eyes. Admiring them in the color change, his paws slowly rose again. One placed gently on Jon's shoulder. Pulling hard on it, he spun the wolf in the wet shower to face the back wall this time. Pushing his prey gently up against it this time. "I can be gentle...but I will not hesistate to be rough either.." Were his final words before coming in tight to the males rump. His cock still hard and dangling heavy, GT pushed the meat shaft between your tight rump cheeks. Enjoyign the sensation and notion that this was a virgin ass. Being the wolf straight an all. Pushing at the warm lumps oof muscle with a bit of force

Jon winced as the 'different' sensation filled his firm ass. He gritted his teeth and clawed at the tiles, dropping more shards into the water below. The blood on his back finally stopped flowing, but not before some dropped onto the canine's think meat as it slid into Jon. He wasn't that much more comforted having been basically trapped against the wall again, but this time there was no way to escape. His eyes glowed orange as he looked into the canine's eyes, invisible daggers being shot straight at them, "You motherfucker" He mumbled through his clenched teeth. He knew this was a risky move to make, but at this point he didn't really care. He kept pondering some method of escape, but first he would have to wait for the right moment. He was definitely not in any position to make a move now. His long red hair seemed to have a fiery presence about it too. Everything about Jon's bodily features seemed to show his growing anger toward this bastard. Every muscle was tense, and it looked like his claws seemed to grow a bit.

GT pushed slowly deeper into the wolf's tight tailhole. He murred and became slightly less angered himself. The sensation for him was amazingly powerful as he loved to take a male virginity. The tight, warm, unused puckers sucking in on his cock made the canines mind go wild. He pushed a bit harder to feel the muscles of this other male tense up under the pressure. Not to mention the very idea he was forcing this sexual encounter onto the straight wolf. This alone powered the canines arousal level to a point where stopping was not an answer. Pushing massively harder to feel his cock slip in. As the canines sharp ears caught a mumble, he couldn't quite make it out. Not liking the idea though, his strong right paw came to Jon's head. Placed on the very back of the skull, GT exsploded his arms forward. Tilting the wolf's head, he drove the form of his head into the tiles. Snarling and snapping his jaw wildly. "What the fuck you say?!" Also forcing the rest of his hard cock in. It must have been overwhelmingly painful

Jon, instead of telling him what he said, kept his silence. He felt more warm blood stream from his forhead, and soon resembled that of a painted-on strand of his hair. The blood rolled down between his left eye and his muzzle. continuing all the way down his neck, until it finally stopped midway down his torso. His eyes narrowed and he still kept his fierce glare into the eyes of this canine. His ass pained him as the canine cock pushed farther in. His muscles tightened further. He was in pain like no other pain. He could feel his head throbbing after being pounded into the wall. After some time, he realized that besides his forhead, a cut from a tile pierced his skin just on his left cheek. Like all the other cuts, this too leaked blood, though not as much as the others. He felt this was a chance to take some sort of action, since the canine was semi-distracted. He also felt that this action will end badly for him. He quickly moved his right arm behind his back and tightly gripped the canines own sac, his hopes were that this would at least stun him in pain long enough for him to make another move. he too knew this was a low blow, but after a very brief consideration of how he was being treated, he felt no remorse for it.

With a deep murr, GT enjoyed his power over the bitchy wolf. Nothing, not even an attempt fight back. He loved it, and merely took all advantages for hismelf on this. Pushing as deep as he could into the wolf's hole, he finally felt the knot hold him from going further. Groaning at this, he was just about to speak when the nasty grip to his gems commenced. His male hood tightened deep in the very vigrin ass. Being a good way for the wolf to hurt himself, the canines cock held tight like a plug as the pain grew in his crotch. GT was indeed stunned for a moment, but unmoved still, his eyes grew weak and sensitive for the moment. He had never felt this much agony at once before as the very things holding his still yet to be born pups were squeezed by the wolf, Jon. But after a few moments of the pain, the canine growled deep. Pulling all his might together, blocking out the pain, he leaned back on his heels. Showing a sign that he might surrender to the wolf's grip. But instead of this, he had another thing in mind. Leaning forward again and using both their body's momentum, he lunged forward. Lowering his head a bit behind the wolf's body, his cock slipped out a bit. Driving Jon's entire body and face into the now half tiled wall of cement. Shoulder planted deep into the wolf's spine, GT was done with fun and games, tears running his cheeks as the tension on his sac increased by his own actions

Not to Jon's surprise, this action caused more pain onto himself. He had hoped for some sort of withdrawal from the canine, but unfortunately for Jon, that did not occur. The pain was immensely worse having been basically body slammed into this shattered wall. He had cuts and bruises all over his body, yet all evidence of this will most likely be washed away by the water. The only proof would be his own memories. His whole front was nearly all covered in ruby red blood. Yet for some reason, he still lived, despite the amount of blood lost already. His hate toward this canine just kept growing. He hated him for all that he has done to him. All the pain he has caused, although he admitted to himself that part of the pain was his own fault. After the pain had mostly subsided, he tried to move his arms up the wall, thinking he may be able to just slid off the canine cock lodged in his ass, but for some reason he couldn't move at all. As he turned his head to the side and looked down he saw that GT had shoved his shoulder lodged in his spine. Ordinarily, this sort of thing would only affect his legs, having his nerve cut off, but for some strange reason his whole body was numb. He couldn't move anything. Jon's fiery orange eyes grew wide with astonishment. Shit im screwed... literally..., Jon thought as he lay against the wall, paralyzed for the moment.

This pressure point was GT's friend at the moment. He had the wolf pinnned here to the wall, and nothing less, his cock still throbbed hard within the immobalized creature's glory hole. Growling loud as he pulled himself back up the wall and to a standing position once more, he was furious. The wolf was being very stupid at this moment and in causing so much of a racket, had only put more pain into it for himself. Teeth drawn back into a low snarl, he too had some blood now. His muzzle had come out from behind the wolf's back and landed hard with the cement wall. Teeth becoming massivly stained with blood, he snarled, sputtering blood some all over Jon's soft, wet backfur. Getting up to be able to speak with the wolf. He knew that for the rest of this fun, Jon wouldn't be able to move. Forced to hold the large wolf up with his strong arms, his muzzle came to the wolf's ears. "You see what happens when you don't listen to me? I warned your stupid ass and now look. How good do you feel?! How big and brave are you now!! You fucking bitch!!!" Enraged, the canine drew back his free paw, clenching it to a fist of stone and hammering it directly into the wolf's kidney area. This would still hurt as the paralyzation was only semi-effective. Merely controlling movement of the legs and arms. Not the sensitivity to feeling. Trying to calm himself, there was no use. GT was irritated, and in such, he turned around, yanking the solid meat rod from Jon's tight ass, while tossing the limp creature to the floor before him. Then kneeling, he rolled Jon over to face the floor. Water level just low enough to avoid drowning the wolf, GT quickly made use of the wolf's weak rear. Spreading Jon's ass cheeks wide and plummeting his thick cock back into the hole of this wolf. By instinct it had been tryigg to recover from its ordeal, but now it had been forceably been reopened. The heavy canine going to town on this now helpless wolfs limp, but alive body. "ENJOY IT!"

Jon hated the feeling of this forceful canine knowing full well that he can't do anything now. All Jon can do is look on in horror as he did his way with him. he was however hopeful that the paralysis will wear off eventually before GT wound up killing him. Perhaps then he can make another move to try and escape. Jon cringed as the powerful canine plunged his fist into my side, and he wished he had made him completely numb, so as to not suffer from the pain anymore. But then, Jon would probably be as good as dead. As he leaned in close to him, Jon wished he had the chance to fight his way out. He knew the canine must still hurt from my grip on his balls. He smirked at this, as GT threw Jon onto the ground. He tried to fight off GT's paws forcing my ass wide open, but to no effect... the paralysis was still affecting his movements. Jon could do nothing to stop the cock from returning inside of him, and reaking havoc in his ass. GT knew he was not enjoying this one bit, but still he mocked him. Some time soon, the canine will pay for this. This Jon know... This he swore. Somehow, he will get the upperhand, Somehow he WILL get his revenge. If only Jon could move his arms... If only he could move his whole body, but he still could not feel hus limbs. Jon even tried to move his tail, but alas, it too stayed motionless. All he could do is look off to the side, waiting... just waiting for him to make some mistake, and for Jon to gain control of this situation.

On the floor and finally able to do as he had wanted to do this whole time, GT's cock pounded hard at the wolf's limp body. Ass being ripped open by his large shepherd malehood, GT knew all to well that this might come back to haunt him. But in the seasons that the canine became unbareable to anyone and anything he could yiff, he was invincable to all things dangerous or otherwise. He was the alpha male here and would take no other role then such. Pushing in and out hard on the wolf's still tight hole, he wondered why the creature's rump hadn't loosened at all, wanting it to though as to possibly lessen some pain from the wolf. Not sure why, but he had begun to feel bad for his prey and oddly respected the creature for being such a good fight. GT for once would not walk away from this massive game of rape and don't tell without a single scratch or brush. Jon was going to leave with a nearly broken jaw and deep cuts on his chest. Not to mention the large contution he was going to have on his sac's crowned jewels. Pounding with all his might, the canine began to dislike no other movement. Releasing his thumb and paws force from the pressure point, he instead pinned the wolf to the floor. Growling hard, but oddly speaking gentle into the beast's ears "Im sorry...but you should have listened..."

Jon felt the numbness begin to ebb away, and feeling return to his limbs, although it was that great of a feeling either. He carefully listened to the large canines words, and decided better than to take advantage of the situation. He was hurt in many places, and some that he would rather not be hurting. As he looked back into GT's eyes, his own slowly lost their fierceness and returned to the deep blue they began with. He still said nothing, but felt that GT would understand the silent message he was about to send. Jon still hated GT for this whole thing, but finally really gave in to him. With a quiet, but deep sigh, he unclenched his ass muscles. Even though this goes against his whole philosophy of the matter, he actually allowed the canine to do what he wants. He turned his head back to looking forward, and closed his eyes. He relaxed his whole body, and he knew that this was all the canine really wanted. He was willing to suffer a blow to his pride just for all this to end. He laid there, as if still affected by the paralysis of having his pressure points pushed. Jon still wanted revenge in some way, but he couldn't think of anything at this time. Nor did he want to enrage this beast of a canine again, and possibly lose his life and never be able to see his mate again.

After his words sunk into the wolf's head, and the numbness of the momentary paralisis wore off, GT began to pound more. He knew that soon this would all be over and he could resume the life he had normally lead. He never would have done this any other time in his life, but when a grown alpha hits his heat and their are no willing takers, he had to resort to something. And terribly enough for Jon, he was the wolf GT choose. Pumping and groaning into the wolf, the canine sexual desires slowly began to satify, till, of course, the look he got from the wolf sunk in. He hadn't been thinking...he just destroyed this males dignity and was contining to do so for his own pleasure. Taking this male without asking and then forcing him to finally a broken mess of fur, GT was ashamed in himself. But still the urge to continue his mess raged on. Pumping full the wolf, the canines orgasm came and went. And in the last moments of his overwhelmed arousal, new sources of liquid were made. GT began to cry, pulling his used cock from the wolf's ass, he cried. The wolf was used up and abused all because of this shepherds selfish manner of going about his heat season. Standing slowly from the wolf, he looked down on his prey with a bloodshot eyed frown of self hatred. Slowly kneeling next to Jon, he placed a soft paw on the creatures back. "....." He wanted to say somthing, but couldn't. Knowing nothing would help, he stood again. Returning to his own shower, and once there slumping down onto the floor. Back on the wall between them, he cried

Jon just laid there, letting his pride be taken from him, but then, everything just ended. He was at first puzzled by this sudden change of attitude. He figured the canine wished for way more than he had already done. As he felt a paw touch his shoulder, luckily that wasn't all scarred, he gave a bewildered look toward the the canine. Jon's mind wanted to curse at the son of a bitch canine, yet his mouth wouldn't let it out. His mind wanted to hurt GT is some way, but his limbs denied it. All he could do is watch as the canine stood up and walked out of the shower into the one next door. Jon took this moment to get up himself. As he stood, his ass leaked some of the freshly placed cum that was pumped into him. Jon was all bruised and scarred, and he wanted pay back, but he held on to his sanity. Soon he heard soft crying coming from next door. Jon's better half taking over, his body suddenly began to move toward the doorway, and he soon found himself standing outside Gt's shower, looking in.

GT just sat there. Wanting to hurt himself and feel the pain for the furson he had just hurt soo very badly. He didn't care anymore about yiff..or, males, females..anything. His mind wandered on so many possible ways for him to be gone of this pain, that it drove him closer to insanity then the very hormones he had been unable to control int he first place. Crying and leaning over his own knee's, he didn't notice the wolf standing there at first. But as he did, he only looked to the wolf's feet. No sympathy wanted or expected, he just sat there in the shadow of his uncontrolled rage. The wolf scared for life in more ways then one, and one yiff season satified. That was no fair trade, and so he cried on. Knowing well this wouldn't help, but not knowing what else to do. Two very soft, painful words escaped his maw. Meaning nothing at all to the amount of shit he had just done, they still were spoken. "Im sorry..."

It was true, those two words could not fix what wrong the canine had done to Jon, but still... He slowly walked toward the weeping ball of fur. Laid his own paw on his shoulder and said, "You know well, that I cannot forgive you for what you did... But still, I realize now that you weren't yourself back there. You were completely under the control of your most predatory of all hormones. And I'll admit, even the most controlled person can't stop them." Jon slowly sat down opposite GT. He stared straight into the canines eyes, "However, I am still willing to be your friend," he waited a while for those words to sink in, before he stood up and left the room, going to his lockers to dry off.

Holding tightly to his crunched up legs, GT could barely believe his ears. The wolf had understood, and even offered to be a friend aswell. This was a massive shock to GT and as he let it sink in. He still didn't believe it. Looking up at the wolf as he stood and exited, the canine stopped everything all together. Sitting under the raining water of his shower with a solemn face and two wide canine eyes. Would the wolf hold to that? Did GT actually make a friend...through a terrible rape? It couldn't have just happened. He just sat there under the waterfall of still warm water. Thinking...trying to find himself among the wreckage.

[The End]