Everything is Under Control

Are You Sure About that, Mother?

  • Jan26/10 13:14:49
  • Listening To Family talking
  • Feeling Chilled
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My mother, talking about my sister; "World's most embarrassing daughter."

Me; "That's saying a lot considering your other daughter can speak a bit of Vulcan."

 And it really is saying a lot. 

It's also the only interesting thing that happened to me today. Have got some hash, am gonna smoke up soon. Can't wait to get back to the UK. Right now I'm just sitting with the family, still with the laptop of course, as listening to the conversation would be asking too much. =p

One day I'll have something interesting to say in this, I promise. <3


A Typical Newbie Blog Entry

  • Jan25/10 17:17:52
  • Smoking a Cig =[
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I'm lying here with my laptop, feeling homesick as I'm marooned in a "foreign" land (not very foreign, I used to live here) and suffering beneath the wrath of the local internet service when it occurs to me- hitting me a bit like a brick dropping from a ledge, really; "I don't know enough furs who enjoy a good smoke up!"

This had to be rectified. Since the "furry" part of me and the "stoner" part of me are closely linked; what's Pinky and the Brain or Loony Toons without a spliff? ;p Hell, the Redwall series is an even more brilliant read when you add some of our loyal friend, the pot.

So ta-da! Here I am. :3

That's all I really have to say. Now I'm going to rummage around the site and maybe sleep.