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A Typical Newbie Blog Entry

  • Jan25/10 17:17:52
  • Smoking a Cig =[
[1 Rare Hat]

I'm lying here with my laptop, feeling homesick as I'm marooned in a "foreign" land (not very foreign, I used to live here) and suffering beneath the wrath of the local internet service when it occurs to me- hitting me a bit like a brick dropping from a ledge, really; "I don't know enough furs who enjoy a good smoke up!"

This had to be rectified. Since the "furry" part of me and the "stoner" part of me are closely linked; what's Pinky and the Brain or Loony Toons without a spliff? ;p Hell, the Redwall series is an even more brilliant read when you add some of our loyal friend, the pot.

So ta-da! Here I am. :3

That's all I really have to say. Now I'm going to rummage around the site and maybe sleep.