Yeah wite!

New pipe

  • Mar6/09 13:08:56

Mah bat got me a 3 stage raydiator pipe wif his tax return.

New pipe



Dog damn cats.

  • Feb8/08 19:29:37
  • Edited Feb8/08 19:29:50

Last night one of my roommates cats got suck in a bag that was lying around. And of course, I took picturess instead of helping it.






Here comes Captain Orange

Whats in here?

Party for 3

Sittin on ur bagz


  • Jan5/08 21:45:55
  • Edited Jan5/08 22:13:23

>:| !!!!!!!!!!!


srsly. I love me <3


Also, new hat. 


cinnamon Jan6/08 15:53:05 edited Jan6/08 15:54:20

I look more comical than mean >.>



karma Jan7/08 09:48:27
[karma]*casually folds Arby into a suitcase and takes him to TO*

Yor a liar, Bwian

  • Jan5/08 04:42:41
  • Edited Jan5/08 04:43:15

Finally, my life has new meaning.

New lighter

  • Dec15/07 02:50:18
  • Edited Dec15/07 02:55:40
  • Smoking a nothing :< wish i was high

You never even knew one language.


new lighter


Painted both sides by myself. <3 Gotta repaint me :< totally lame pic

karma Dec15/07 02:56:33

Hehe wicked :D


Zippos are so classy. Just don't use it for smoking anything but cigarettes and joints, and avoid inhaling the first puff. 

khyberkitsune Dec15/07 17:44:32
[khyberkitsune]Hey, Karma. Zippo went butane, man. ZippoBlu. I has it. It rox.
Watch the weather change.