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I don't even know...

  • Nov30/12 22:56:32
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My non existant god, I need an escape. I haaven't left my house for 2 fucking weeks. Everytime I step out the door I feel dizzy. I have to run into the bathroom and throw up, then wind up spending the rest of the day in my dark room. I always knew my head was broken, but I did not know how deeply damaged I am. The sight of the sun disgusts me and the only social life I desire is electronic strike 1 very important person. The signs all point to agoraphobia, but I have no idea why this is being brought on. I've been through hell in the past and was fine, but now that I'm doing great it seems my body and or mind Must make up problems for me to deal with. I know I have friends, but I never call them. I never make any attempt to escape this crypt I've made for myself. At least it's foggy with dank smoke.

Down, but not out,

prairieberry Feb15/13 14:07:06

Why not do the opposite and completely crazy thing, and jump full force into life? You created all the doors so that you could come to a place of seeing them; now you have a variety of ways out and into a new existence. :)

Is this real life?

  • Oct26/12 00:38:01
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Welp, I know most likely no one is reading or has ever read anything I put on here. It's not much, and not really that interesting so I don't really blame them. I seem to find this site time and time again, then never check it. I've got nothing better to do, so I guess anyone who were to look for me would see me on here more often. Yay.

As for the obligatory life update, everything is perfect. I've moved in with my mate, and we're slowly builing up our lives. We've come a l;ong way in a very short time and it looks to only grow better wityh each passing day. The only complaint I have is that I have nothing really to do. Sure, this has exponentially increased the time I have to blaze, and that's cool and all, but I find myself wanting something more. I've looked all over for a job, but my small town isn't too keen on "my type" of people. I've tried writing, but no matter how excited I am as I start, the idea gets stale before I've seemed to put any real effort into it. Maybe I'm just being hypercritical.

As far as problems go, I think I'm doing okay. As far as coping goes, I have a cute kitty, a good mate and a bong bowl calling to me. Smoke a big one for me.

Burn_The Herb

Could I be any luckier?

  • Jul19/12 21:25:37
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[Burn_The_Herb]Wow. It's been some time since I've been here. It's good to be home :P. there's been so much that's happened since i last posted. I've gone through shot, graduated high school, and most importantly i might have found him. The one. He is the first person i have ever met who i feel truly knows me. I have shared my deepest, darkest secrets and they made him love me more =^.^=. (it doesn't hurt that he loves slapping my spiked collar on me, putting on my leash and fucking me doggy style after a nice grav bong sesh. We plan to move in togeather next month. I can't wait.


  • Jan28/10 23:35:33
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Hello! It's Burn_The_Herb again, and I have a problem ...

     First off, I've met someone AMAZING! He treats me better than I've ever been treated, he knows where to get some BOMB bud, and this is turning into the most serious relationship I've had, but there is one problem ...  he HATES furries. He isn't even slightly open to the idea. I love him, but I hate having to hide a peice of who I am. What do I do? HHHAAALLLPPP!!!!

As I sit here, stomach churning, I spark a light, the bowl is burning

  • Sep13/09 13:15:58

Hello again all. Just saying hi, (Oh do i love my new bong!!) Havn't had internet for a while, but now I have HIGH speed!!!! woot! now I have another reason to love the word HIgH XD



Well, that it for now, time to hit the bong!

Bitemefurfags Sep20/09 01:45:23