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I don't even know...

  • Dec1/12 01:56:32
  • Listening To Melody Dean - Apanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra
  • Feeling could only get better
  • Smoking a Grav bong

My non existant god, I need an escape. I haaven't left my house for 2 fucking weeks. Everytime I step out the door I feel dizzy. I have to run into the bathroom and throw up, then wind up spending the rest of the day in my dark room. I always knew my head was broken, but I did not know how deeply damaged I am. The sight of the sun disgusts me and the only social life I desire is electronic strike 1 very important person. The signs all point to agoraphobia, but I have no idea why this is being brought on. I've been through hell in the past and was fine, but now that I'm doing great it seems my body and or mind Must make up problems for me to deal with. I know I have friends, but I never call them. I never make any attempt to escape this crypt I've made for myself. At least it's foggy with dank smoke.

Down, but not out,

prairieberry Feb15/13 17:07:06

Why not do the opposite and completely crazy thing, and jump full force into life? You created all the doors so that you could come to a place of seeing them; now you have a variety of ways out and into a new existence. :)