A silly fox and his updates.

Fucking work :|

  • Feb13/08 13:23:08

So the mans telling me I cant print off blank receipts and draw fuckin draw all day.
To get back at the man I was coming into work this month -extra high :3
Drawings have been at kind of a nil level, but spring is coming so I've been doing such fun things as rolling all the snow on my property into balls because I dont have a shovel, cleaning old leaves, old apples, and just being HIIIIIGH fuckin high the whole time. I've found a couple of really fangdangulouse dealers that live around my work, and they usually have brand name. I'm smoking kush right now whereas my supervisor snagged a little bud of purple kush for free, before that it was hempstar, and before that it was something else that is really tasty.

We moved my buddy back to Ontario. Well, dropped some of his stuff off at the greyhound. I'll miss him, but Calgary really really does actually blow. It does. I'm not even kidding you. He's much happier in Ontario and he's been clogging up his bong with white widow. He tells me all the weed is too good and sticky where he is you cant even roll it in a joint.
God I hate calgary.


Yoga's pretty kewl. And by pretty yoga I mean I love the views of the yiffer I go a yoga-ing with ^_^, Today if my supervisor calls me ova ova to play some vidjamagames I'm going to hit the walking room and maybe grab some yoga clothes, though I know of some place down town that's selling sarans and.. well, everyone should have a saran at some point in their lives.


Well, that's about it for my update, I feel kinda ears down about how little I've contributed as of late.. as of.. at all :) . If it helps, know that theres somebody out there actually reading your blogs while he's not filling his time with being cool.. and drawing.. :( 

karma Feb13/08 16:16:32
[karma]I keep telling people Ontario is the only cool province :\


  • Jan5/08 19:32:18

 Hyoomans are t3h gross :l

God damned co-worker coughed on me. And the food. And just about everywhere around where I work. Sho nuff I'm sick :l . Oh well, what holiday season would be complete without a splitting migraine. No pot, as usual. My most favoritest black person in the whole world has a pretty awesome dealer with some stuff that knocked me on my tail after 2 bowls ^_^ , but I cant get ahold of him :| . Phone are brokenz lol. Gross, coughey assed hyooman has a hookup but his shits laced and that makes me a saaaad panda.


  I slept from 7 am to pretty much seven pm. I'm still tired as a motherfucker who.. fucked... some mothers. Roomie ran out to mikky deeez with my card and is now back. People there fnucked my order up. Oh well. Food. I'm so hoping I feel better after I nom for a little while.  Nothing else to report other than bro found a site with a bunch of old cartoons. Captain Bucky O'Hare.. Haaaa I remember you. 

Ripp Jan5/08 22:19:36
[Ripp]Shitty.  8[

My girlfriend just took a bunch of Triple C's.  Tonight should prove interesting.

Cops fucking cops.

  • Dec21/07 17:15:40
  • Edited Dec21/07 17:17:59

I started my shift at two in the aft, so I decided to get some much needed to be done running around done. Of course I smoked pot and put it off until the last possible minute. What's the fun in running a block to catch the walk signal if theres no sense of impending deadline?... I like to run. Anyways, so I had to get a haircut, buy some I-pod shit from the local mac world, and get back in time to roll another joint for work and bang my awesome awesome san francisco drum. I effing love that thing.
Anyways, I'm strolling through the alleys, because it's the quickest most direct route to where this stinky fox needed to go, and 2 alleyways later a bwoopBwpbwp police cruiser lames up beside me annnnnd I get harassed. Whatever, I kept it cool, I let them run my I.D. through their little car computer, and thanked the creator for giving me the foresight to stash my half joint in a prime time tube and stash THAT in my guinness tin. Jesus's bukake would taste something like guinness, I'm sure.

Already told, but long story short, copper coppers checked me out, played it cool, answered whatever questions were asked and tried not to stare at the uniformed crotch. It's hard. I'm standing 3 inches away from the embodiment of the flimsy facade of justice and order that I've learned to personaly despise, and I have to put physical effort into not looking at his dangly region. Oh well, thus is life.

Heading out of moo town for a few days. Today at work I was just in the back room for the last 2 hours of my shift doing tests. Yay. Haha, the little chinese woman hates me so much. She gets so frustrated :D, she chirps orders at me, doing the occasional interpretive dance to convey what she wants me to do, and all I can do is grin blankly, reek of pot, tell her "Ok =) " And then go do something completely different. I love it. The manager is the same way, but he talks to me less so I dont derive the same amount of torture from him as I do with the other.

Most of the time I'm the only, well, to put it gently, english as a first language speaker in the store if the woman of whom I'm sure is a gypsy isn't working. I think it's great, this is my first easy job where all day I just deal with piddly little shit problems that dont make me bleed. This is the only slack job I've ever had in my life and all day I just want to laaaugh and laaaugh cause I'm so hiiiigh and all these problems are so inconsequential. An old guy practically exploded on me 2 days ago. I mean, he was calling me names, accusing me of missing body parts, the works. I blew such a load that night.

Well, that's it. Happy holidays everyone ^_^, dont get so fucked up you try to smoke your C-Tree. Normally I wouldn't post a post as insignificant as I just have, but it's going to be... another while... before I am... on the internet............. again. So I threw up a blog on the back of the stripper that is the internet. Blergh!

P.S. may update avatar. Current one are lame.

karma Dec21/07 17:21:59
[karma]Our stripper's name is Nitro =3
DidjFox Dec21/07 22:59:21
[DidjFox]I wish to see this Nitro stripper... immediately  >8|
Ripp Dec29/07 09:22:49 edited Dec29/07 09:22:55

Facial Hair 2

  • Dec15/07 10:41:47

Finally, caved to the laws of supply and demand. The only gent who had what I wanted only had primo. And.. I dont want to pay for that right now.. But finally a couple weeks without (Res hit here, company coming by there) I gave in and payed for a bag of primo. This stuff is pretty good though, when you finally relax enough for it to take effect it gives a ripple to your vision. Normally this isn't cause enough for a blog, but I dont have much else going on and it may be a while before I'm online again.
 Oh yeah, I'm going to throw up on the next people who bring  a baby to a movie without reading what the hell is in it. My bud buddy and I smoked it up for I am Legend (despite my refusal of all things Will Smith) and.. yeah. Baby and 4 year old. Exactly what the theatre ambience needs. Now, dont get me wrong, I could see how this could happen and the parents be completely unaware of what was in store for their children. Like, if you only catch the first half of the commercial before you turn the t.v. off, and then you go home and you down a bottle of whiskey and then smack yourself in the face with the butt end of it while trying to throw it at that painting you hate, and then you win 75$ in the lottery and your wife has an open mind and her sister really does need the money more than you do, I could see how something like taking your children to a movie that, to your knowledge, was a well dressed black man playing with lions and his dog. That actually sounds like a pretty good movie to watch right there.
 But no
<-kind of a spoiler>
It wasn't a feel good romp with the former fresh prince of Bellaire. It was a jump in your face BLERGH movie with guns and vampire zombie cancer patients. And then it was a Will smith limping around like a weiny to create some semblance of suspense when we start to wonder if this movie is a peice of crap that's just going to ruin your buzz for the next forty minutes. 

 Anyways, sure enough the kids were crying and the whole audience was actualy pretty lame. I hate Will Smith movies. 

karma Dec15/07 11:29:39
[karma]you need a hug :(

My shoes hurt but they look pretty good.

  • Dec5/07 17:10:29
  • Listening To 'Captain Bucky O'Hare' theme
  • Feeling naked
  • Smoking a res

I added another to my reincarnation want list.
I was washing some Romaine lettuce and.. And god damnit they can hold a lot of water :D . It's like "Oh bitches, I'm going to last for days :D "
My room mate's cock tease of a brother is coming to stay for a couple days. Gurrr.
Played the didj a bunch. Actually got edumacated via cd.

Got in contact with an old buddy who owes me a joint and is good to roll later this week ^_^ . Hot damn.

Need product. I'm pretty much out. I have just a pinch of the good stuff left, and then it's res hits and salvia until I find some :( . The people downstairs have a dealer so.. hopefully by tomorrow. Haha, payed rent and shit. I'm almost as broke as I am naked. And lord knows I'm fucking naked.



karma Dec5/07 17:12:54
[karma]Fag *liplicks*
DidjFox Dec6/07 19:28:34
[DidjFox]*tries to look a-fearded* =^0.0^=