Get Ripp'd


  • Feb28/08 12:46:51
  • Listening To Meddle
  • Feeling Ehh...
  • Smoking a sherlock full of weed I found under my car seat

So I moved to a place on the lake.  Our first plants just sprouted a week ago, give or take a couple days.

Total party house.  Many a smoke-out has already been held place within our den.  Our dealer comes over every night.  We tend to his love of coffee.  He makes sure the joints keep goin' around.

It's a pretty sweet get-up. 

Much love.  <3

PS - The Rolling Stones, ladies and gentlemen.

karma Feb29/08 04:20:13

I'm fucking done. B:<

  • Jan12/08 22:30:36

4srsly.  I had a dream last night that I was going bald for no reason.

I'm fucking done with dreaming for a while.  B:

khyberkitsune Jan12/08 23:49:19
[khyberkitsune]Good luck with that. Yuo can't control your brain's DMT output when you go to sleep.
karma Jan13/08 09:17:58
[karma]What if you smoke a bunch of DMT before you hit the sack, i wonder
Ripp Jan13/08 16:04:40

Y'know...I've never done DMT.  B:

karma Jan14/08 05:59:48
[karma]Better get on that, you havn't lived until you've seen it.

A day late. B:

  • Jan11/08 23:47:41
  • Listening To Saucer Full of Secrets
  • Feeling left in the oven for a little too long
  • Smoking a onie bat

So right now, I've got the house to myself, and I'm stoned enough to remember that dream.

So check it out.  This dream essentially takes place at the same place as every other dream I've had for the past six months or so have been.  The actual surroundings are different every time, but I always dream of the same hauntingly quaint, hidden little place.

The Farmhouse.

It's a sprawling, rustic white wooden farm house, with a large white barn.  The front yard's picket-fenced.  Gravel driveway leading off into a nothingness that seems to curtain the dream on every side.  Kinda like when you're stranded on a really tiny island, where you can stand at a point and see the ocean in every direction, until the sea meets the sky in that distance you're never going to reach.  That Never Never Land, if you will.

So, anyway, all poeticism aside, I was at the Farmhouse.  It was just me, my girl, and a few friends from back home in Georgia.  Some were from Iowa too. 

My old home.

In every dream, it would seem as though this place had summoned us there.  Every scenario has been different and unique, in their own respected ways.  But in every dream, something fantastical would happen to myself and the people with me while we stayed there.  Like stand-alone episodes of a crazy subconscious tv series.  It was like I watched myself acting out this crazy roll.  I watched myself get into adventures and run amok with the various inhabitants of my mind.  It was fun.

This time was a bit different.  I was fully lucid, controlling everything that my "character" was doing.  And the action was intense.  So at first, we were all hanging out.  I was smoking weed in my dream, just like I'd done just before sleep.  Everything was pretty mellow until the walls started shaking.  We ran outside, and saw a huge old-style saucer UFO come crashing down towards us.  It was easily the size of a large cathedral.  The only logical thing I could think to do was run in the opposite direction of the crash.  Then, as it impacted with the ground, and as the shockwave generated was about to consume me and everything else around me in a sonicboom, just as it looked like the end, I was zapped to an empty room.  There was a single door in this room.  I walked to the door and opened it.

I stepped out into a whole different world.  It was similar to ours, maybe...fifty to a hundred years from now.  Maybe longer.  Near future.  Anyway, It was heavily metropolized, set in the older, dingier part of a large city.  I walked downhill and just looked around.  I can't actually describe everything I saw, because my conscious mind has yet to fully comprehend what it's received.  But I know I was real tripped out.  Like, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

And then I woke up.  Because I thought someone was knocking on the door.  >8[

Rudely torn from my sleep, I grumbled and stumbled out of bed, still being roughly ripped through the jagged line seperating that Reality to this one.  I went for the door, only to find no one there.  I couldn't get back to sleep.  The entire day was downright AWFUL.

So I was wondering.  Ill omen?

Hmmmm~  [Dig the tune-age]

karma Jan13/08 09:20:51
[karma]Jesus christ, you don't need drugs - just take a nap XD

So like...

  • Jan10/08 08:46:57
[Ripp]I had a killer lucid dream last night.  Too killer to post now.  I'll get to it after work.

Sup gaiz.  <3
karma Jan10/08 13:42:31

Ever since I dropped this weekend and did that melatonin while recovering I've been able to remember some dreams again (for years I've woken up as black minded as when I pass out), and every single one has in one way or another invoved me being naked and nitrous.


I wonder if I could lucidificificicate these fuckers and get some really freaky action going on

khyberkitsune Jan11/08 10:58:54

Hey, Karma. Smoke a phat bowl of mugwort before going to sleep. After a year of no dreams, I started having them again, very lucid and vivid. I also slept less (6-7 hours as opposed to 10) but I was far more refreshed and energetic.

I think it's saved my sanity. 

Post-Weekend Update

  • Jan7/08 12:46:42
  • Listening To ICP lol :U
  • Feeling feelin' dandy
  • Smoking a cannon hit

Had a few days off.  Got real fucked up on some good shit.

Went to a friend of a friend's house last night.  Partied hard.  Consumed maybe...somewhere around a quarter to a half oz. of weed, personally.

I'm still high.  It's fun.  Work tomorrow.  Party hard tonight.