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Uh oh

Someone is being a tattletale

Uh oh

Crybabies always wail
It doesn't matter what had happened

The past is the past and it never even happened

According to me

Who was not at the scene

And only listen to myself

And put myself above your safety

Uh oh

Someone's gonna cry

Uh oh

Everyone knows you lied

Except I didn't

You're a fraud

You left him even

Please drop this facade

I was only little

And didn't know a thing

You'd rather blame the victim

Than hear the crows sing

Your song of failure

I can only feel

Like chewed bubblegum and passed around chocolate

It has been years since the incident

But scars never leave

Hardly fade

Never go away

I find myself crying at dawn's break

Thinking of that doll that was smashed to pieces on a couch

In a gross trailer

Where his kind of trash belongs


Karma got him good

All mean teddybears get thrown out eventually


My curse was put upon him

No matter how many times I wail and cry and told to shut up

Told to get over it

Not to cry

Or even told I am a liar

I have comfort knowing

That he is suffering

For what he did to me

And many before

Anger mistaken for sex

Misandry mistaken for lesbianism

Anxiety mistaken for worrying too much

Depression mistaken for being a fuck up

Confusion mistaken for degeneracy

Crying out mistaken for crimes

I want it to end

I want my tears to end

I want his face erased from my brain

I want him gone

And I will not be satisfied

Until he is either out of this state

In a prison

Or greeting Satan with his awful grin


  • Aug7/18 22:04:28
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Nothing like your family belitteling your work, demand free art, make you have a panic attack on the toilet, assault you on said toilet, won't leave you alone, and then not apologize for it. Well, my brother eventually did and gave me the money anyway. My uncle, on the other hand, did everything above. Lovely.

Least I got five bucks out of it hhhhhhh. 

I'm going to use this as a journal

  • Aug5/18 19:13:15

It feels like nobody really uses this site, so I'm going to use it as a journal rather than something to upload art.

adamthechespin Aug26/18 17:29:28
[adamthechespin]Seems to be dead ish.

How do you post photos?

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A tutorial or something would be nice.

So weed legalization is on the ticket in Missouri

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I'm a bit uneasy, man. I know how shitty the politicians are in my state. I mean, a step is a step if the vote says "Yes", but I know that they are going to find a way to fuck it all up. I have a feeling that because they are doing medical marijuana that they are only going to let the most extreme cases of illness get ahold of it. And like, they need it, and I'm not mad at them. The government will just be excluding a lot of people who need it and I find that to be

NOT groovy.

I just hope that this fucktarded state actually votes yes. I know that the majority of cats want to legalize it, but this is Missouri.