Randomness from Richardson, Texas


  • Aug23/09 03:43:40
  • Edited Aug23/09 03:44:33
  • Listening To Huh?
  • Feeling Stoned
  • Smoking a Two chronic joints
I think people should all like be friends, you know?   I mean, if we'r all fighting, how will we be happy?   We're not fun when we're not happy.   People should be like happier, you know?   I think things would be better then.
Keigeru Aug23/09 21:15:54
Well now, that's why we got our bud, friend. Weed brings people together... until we come down. We need to be permatrippin'.
JoshtheWolf Sep2/09 20:37:26
Wow...I don't even remember making this. XD