Been a long while.

  • Jan12/10 23:16:35
  • Feeling Chill.
  • Smoking a bunch of questionable bud.

The last time I posted on this thing was in 2008, when I was still living in Etobicoke.

Now I live in Kitchener and work for a thrift store.   All in all, not much has changed, I guess.  Toronto it still at arm's length, so that makes me happy.


Kitchener is a weird place.  It's so hard to tell people how to get somewhere.  You can't tell them 'It's east of here' or 'It's a few blocks north of here' because the city just doesn't work like that, due to the citys' serpentine construction and the fact that it is indeed three cities in one, all at different starting angles for their main streets.  You have to use landmarks to describe an area of the tri-city area, it's weird.  I'll probably never figure this place out up until we leave here and it's probably for the best.


Anyhow, I have video games that aren't going to just play themselves, so I'll stop rambling for now.


Be sure to check out the furnet IRC channel, everyone.