Almost tax time!

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2010 tax time is almost here and because of my low income, I qualify for a huge $1000+ return and so I plan on getting a kick ass electric scooter.


The best part is, aside from being an investment in general, being entirely electric, it'll save me a ton of money on taking the bus and will probably pay for itself in about half a year or so.





Attached is a song I promised I'd show karma, but everyone else should also take a look. :3

Kappy Mar23/10 08:50:24
[Kappy]LOL cheapness in sacrifice for pride..... or any sort of respectable image xDDDDDDD

Been a long while.

  • Jan12/10 23:16:35
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The last time I posted on this thing was in 2008, when I was still living in Etobicoke.

Now I live in Kitchener and work for a thrift store.   All in all, not much has changed, I guess.  Toronto it still at arm's length, so that makes me happy.


Kitchener is a weird place.  It's so hard to tell people how to get somewhere.  You can't tell them 'It's east of here' or 'It's a few blocks north of here' because the city just doesn't work like that, due to the citys' serpentine construction and the fact that it is indeed three cities in one, all at different starting angles for their main streets.  You have to use landmarks to describe an area of the tri-city area, it's weird.  I'll probably never figure this place out up until we leave here and it's probably for the best.


Anyhow, I have video games that aren't going to just play themselves, so I'll stop rambling for now.


Be sure to check out the furnet IRC channel, everyone.

  • May28/08 23:04:53
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Whooo.... been awhile since I've made a post here and with good reason; not much has been going on until recently.

 The new job really helps with money, so I'm really keen on that.  For those not informed, I'm doing data entry with the MS society.  It's pretty methodical, repetative and altogether boring, but that's pretty much what I'm looking for in a job.

 Mostly blowing money on my new toy, the PSP.  It makes love to my eyes.

 Kinjry has finally gone home.  It is quieter around here.

 I guess what I need to focus on now is paying back debts and then trying to save some cash up for... stuff?  XD


More weed, prolly.


Anyways, tossing songs onto my new 4gb card, I thought I'd share this one even though I'm fairly certain you won't like it.



Furry Profile Test.

  • Jan11/08 19:32:53
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So, the k-fox and myself were chatting up some new dude on IRC when he turns out to be a crazy nutter that neither of us would touch with a 10-foot pole, desipite introducing himself with enough of a friendly attitude and likeable posturing to accept him at first... of course, it was only a matter of time before the issues start to seep out of him, like oil on a paper plate.

So, it came to pass that it was suggested that a series of questions be created. A screening process of sorts for new potential friends, to make sure none of them have 'the crazy', as so many furs do.

It's important to establish certain norms. Obviously your average furry is a crazy fucker and this is frequently a good thing. Some of the most interesting people are 'out there'. However, on the other end of this crazy rainbow are the furs who blend in just enough with the rest of the crowd, until you poke them and like a guilty shoplifter, all the crazy spills out onto the floor of the supermarket. Cleanup on aisle twelve.

The most important topics to touch on are spirituality, social standing and sexuality. If you answer 'Yes' to more than four of these, I want nothing to do with you in the slightest. That being said, here we go.


1) Do you feel you identify with any major religion?

2) Do you live with your parents, renting or otherwise?

3) Do you own a firearm/plan on owning a firearm or have been in or have plans to be in the military?

4) Are you a fan of emo culture? (No technicalities here, you know who you are and what I'm talking about.)

5) Do you post on a personal blog more than five times a week or have more than two blogs?

6) If you own any sort of furry apparel (tail, ears, entire suit) do you wear it outdoors or to public places? (conventions aside)

7) Are you prone to interacting with other members of the fandom in an overly affectionate nonconsenual style? (ie, hugging without asking under cover of 'furry')

8) Do you believe there are people in the fandom who are actively trying to harm it?

9) Do you identify spiritually with your animal? (Believe you actually are a fox, believe you have the soul of a wolf, have an animal guide, etc)

10) Are you a member of the fandom for nearly 100% non-sexual reasons?


While some of these are fine by themselves, if you answered 'Yes' to four or more of these, you can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. XD


If you're a fan of these questions, feel free to use them to screen out the wierdos.


karma Jan11/08 19:41:59
[karma]so·ci·o·path       (sō'sē-ə-pāth', -shē-)  Pronunciation Key 
n.   One who is affected with a personality disorder marked by antisocial behavior.
karma Jan11/08 20:14:14
[karma]Oh, I fucking love number 8 btw
Kensuke_Kitty Jan11/08 21:01:57 edited Jan11/08 21:03:01
[Kensuke_Kitty]I like eight, too. Often, furs who are scarred by something personal sometimes take whatever happenned to them and take it as an affront to their furry identity and as an extension of that, believe their attacker(s) to be actively trying to undermine the entire fandom as a result. It's pretty paranoid thinking, but then again, lots of furs are paranoid. :P
Kensuke_Kitty Jan24/08 08:19:45



The test is going really well for me, it has already screened out a few headcases, saving me immesurable time that I would've otherwise wasted on some of these people. 

I need to get it made into a t-shirt or something. XD
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So, I had an encounter today through pounced with a fellow who calls himself 'Ryu Wilder'. He's a strange, posessive and closed-minded religious type with deep issues... but I'm trying to be his friend anyhow, perhaps simply out of morbid curiosity.

He claims to 'not belong to any religion' because he's experiencing butthurt for being gay and christian, so he doesn't trust his priests, pastors or the organization in general. Which is a bit like living in a fairytale land and choosing not to believe in a particular illusion. To top it all off, I ask him what kind of music he's into and he replies simply and shortly 'gospel.'. It's hard not to completely tear apart someone's beliefs when they throw you one like that, but I'm trying really hard. :P

Well, you can judge for yourself, if you like:


Kensuke_Kitty Oct20/07 20:22:57


He seems to have changed his tune really quickly and decided all of a sudden to change his attitude.  I'm starting to suspect he's some kind of troll more and more.  At least it's getting interesting.