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Hi all,


Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been watching this communtiy on DA, LJ and here for a couple of years now, and it's probably the furry community I feel most at home with :) I'm a media studies major at Columbus College of Art and Design in my junior year (soon to be senior). I don't yet have a webpage of my most recent work, but my older stuff can be found at http://mai-tai.deviantart.com (I'd hope that I've improved since then!). I plan on creating a new DA account and getting back into drawing for myself (and others) again this summer, as the past two years of school has been very intensive and I had to take a bit of a break from it.


To be honest, I am mostly posting here because I think that the DA community was a great idea and I would have loved to share some more of my work with them before it fizzled out. I see updates there from time to time but I'd really like to get it going again. The contests and art exchanges were super fun.


Anyways, I'm 21 year old female, live in an apartment with my boyfriend (who is awesome), and enjoy passing the time smoking weed and playing video games (who doesn't?). I also enjoy rolling and the occasional trip, but each time I trip my experience becomes much more intensive and scary so I've backed off halucinogens a little. I drink, but not a whole lot because I'm usually down and out for an entire day after drinking (I know, I'm a pussy!) My "fursona" has most recently taken the shape of a green pitbull. I'll post some drawings of her soon, I promise! :)


Once I get my new DA account up and rolling, I would really be interested in doing some art trades with people within this community. I love doing art for other people! I also plan on attending AC this year since it's only about 45 min away from my hometown to see if I can make any money in Artist's Alley. If any other baked furs are planning on going let me know. I'd love to meet up and share a smoke with you!


Sorry for such formality, but I really would like to meet some people in this commuinity to share thoughts/art/ideas with so feel free to contact me here or at jessicorgi "at" gmail "dot" com or on AIM at Wolf5321. Keep on toking!



karma May5/08 06:16:03

Heya, welcome to the site ^.^


Do you want me to make your text more readable?

Khronic May9/08 15:47:06
Sure, that would be excellent! Thanks for the warm welcome ;)
Kappy May12/08 07:49:00 edited May12/08 07:50:45
[Kappy]Hey! Its nice to see some new meat around here. I'm enthralled, your art is amazing, I would totally be up for a trade if you wanted to do one.
Welcome to what I think is the most hilariously retarded corner of the web.
Khronic May18/08 17:46:47

Hey Kappy, I'd be more than happy to do a trade with you if you have the time! Though anything I do for the next couple of months will have to be real media since I am without a copy of Photoshop at the moment. Just let me know and we can discuss the details. :)