Favorite blazing tunes?

  • Mar24/10 11:44:34

Share some of your favorite tunes!

My current favorites are:


Odessa by Caribou

Psychic City by YACHT



I Will Come Again by Bobby Birdman


 and lastly, Grow up and Blow Away by Metric


So what are YOUR preferred tunes?

Cypher Mar25/10 12:48:45
[Cypher]At the moment, the album Alpinisms by School of Seven Bells.
SinzLynxcat Mar25/10 19:03:52
[SinzLynxcat]i love listening to "i feel fantastic" by Jonathan Coulton for obvious reasons ;P
Nemisis Apr5/10 08:38:57
My current favorite would have to be Alborosi - Herbalist (Numa Crew Dubstep Mix) => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivW8f8hfbAg
John St. Malice Apr6/10 11:36:16
[John St. Malice]Umm.... its a tie between "happy up here" by Royksopp and "ready or not (i'm Coming)" by Oomph!, but thats mainyl cause Dero is a sexy, sexy beast.
Rykan Apr7/10 23:24:42
[Rykan]I've been loving my Post-rock, like Canyonsofstatic, ...And Starts Collide, but I also like some of the more popular stuff, MGMT's Oracular Spectacular is a must if you've never heard it. I still need to listen to their new one ('Congratulations'). Most recently downloaded Ian Brown's 'Golden Greats' and I approve =D

Who Can Smoke the Most Weed?

  • Mar19/10 21:45:59
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So it occured to me that for those of you who haven't seen this, that you might fucking want to LOL

Here is the BEST episode of Kenny vs Spenny.. EVER.



SinzLynxcat Mar20/10 09:59:04

rofl oh god those two are so entertaining

i love it when the firetrucks get there and Spenny is flipping out about getting arrested!

dude, your in canada, your not going to jail lol 

What would you want to see on the banner?

  • Feb17/10 19:31:22
  • Edited Feb17/10 19:32:31
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So I'm in the process of collaborating with Leon Husky to create 420furs.org a new banner!

 We're open to any suggestions, we're going to include Nitro Skunk (the green&black skunk from your lovely banner) but otherwise have options open! So we'd like to hear what you'd like to either see them doing, smoking from, or really anything that you would want the banner to represent! (try to avoid recommending yourself, please :P)
There will be a few banners, so we're hoping to include different methods of smoking in each of them! Hot knives, anyone? :p


karma Feb17/10 19:46:49

I think it's great you guys are doing this, my thanks to anyone who gets involved, especially Kappy who came up with the idea and is taking the time to organise it.  Kudos folks.


Here's my suggestion: I wouldn't mind seeing furs doing drugs other than weed in the banners,  I don't have anything in particular to recommend, just general polydrug use.

Rizzo Feb20/10 04:02:02
hey whats 420 furs up yeah this  is a cool idea . i personally would like to see a picture of multiple furs smoking from a hooka but that just me try to make it a big one like a grand hooka or w/e  as long as its a hooka......... did i mention i like hookas lol
khyberkitsune Feb22/10 00:56:08
[khyberkitsune]Needs more bongs, more shrooms, and maybe a nice bushy plant.
SgtRubberSoul Feb23/10 15:34:53

 I really love that you guys will be keeping Nitro Skunk :D The hooka idea is really good. I'd like to see a gasmask one, haha







Blazing before the DRILL

  • Feb8/10 11:15:07
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So I'm going to the dentist in like 20 minutes and am pre-blazing for it... I'm absolutely dreading it-last time I cried! I'm such a wuss D: (Or don't freeze well)

 This time they're giving me nitrous though! Hopefully it'll be a little better, I've heard some stories from peeps who blaze and go in there with laughing gas and barely feel it... I hope I hope I hope!

I'm so scared D:

SgtRubberSoul Feb23/10 15:35:48

Oh man, I would get MORE paranoid if I toked first :S

How was it in the end?


  • Feb4/10 08:59:49
  • Edited Feb4/10 09:06:23
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[Kappy]So I posted on youtube asking people what their preferred choice of filter is, and I would like to hear your opinions as well. Personally, I hate metal screens but the glass filters always get lost or clog my bowls.

Any beefs or recomendations?If you like one over the other tell me why and what type (ex: brass metal filters, titanium metal filters, jack glass filters or flower glass filters...etcetc)
karma Feb4/10 09:11:18
[karma]Brass is the tampon of screens, use once and toss away :/ Never tried titanium but stainless works great. I use glass stars in my glass equipment because it just makes sense, without a good resin buildup stainless screens have the tendancy to jump out of conical glass bowls. Every year or so I buy a couple hundred stainless screens in bulk but glass never dies.
khyberkitsune Feb4/10 12:26:36
[khyberkitsune]I either use jack glass filters or an ashcatcher.
Cypher Mar11/10 21:30:18
[Cypher]Chopped up a stainless mesh tea infuser about a year ago... has lasted ever since. A bit heavier gage than a standard pipe screen, and has been bent to perfectly match the curvature of my piece, meaning I'm not sacrificing any volume to a shallow screen. It's DIY and ugly, but works great if cleaned every 3-5 bowls.