Kitt's Diary

Been a while

  • Nov18/09 11:44:36
  • Listening To Ganja Song - Eminem
  • Feeling Bored
  • Smoking a Cig
About time for an update I guess >.> I've found a new boyfriend ^w^ his name's Niki. He smokes as well, but works two jobs along with school, so it's hard to find find time between to hang out. I don't have a lot of time here so I'll head back later

Update on me

  • Oct28/09 08:46:29

Preformance went well :3 got another one on Sunday. I've found a mate, and we'll be going on our first date sometime this week ^w^ wish me luck!


  • Oct21/09 08:53:35

I've got my first dance performance on thursday! :3 I can hardly wait! Maybe this will get me some exposure and I can start making more money! ^w^ For those curious about how I look when I smoke, check the gallery, I'll be posting a few pics of me with my handy can pipe.



  • Oct15/09 11:50:36
Why is it so hard to find some bud out here? >.< I've managed to scrounge up a spare 20, but I can't find anyone selling for some reason. Fingers crossed, I'm trying again after school. If I don't find any, I'm just gonna buy some Microsoft points. If anyone here has XBL, my gamertag is KittyFoxx. Hit me up whenever you get the chance.

My day was...interesting...

  • Oct11/09 02:54:34
Well, I had dance practice today at around noon, but i showed up early and managed to catch a smoke with one of the varsity dancers friends. After practice my buddy came over (super hawt ;3 he's a firefighter in training, but, sadly, he's straight as an arrow) to my place. After a bit of hanging out, his brother suggested that he and I get Left 4 Dead (which by the way, I completely recommend if you like fast-paced shooters) at the mall (plenty of cute boys to keep me entertained X3). Back at my place, I chatted with my mate for a bit on yahoo, and now I'm here playing L4D.
SmokeyDuck Oct14/09 14:36:17

Hey Kitt! Hope you're enjoying Left 4 Dead (there's a sequel coming out soon). And all the cute boys at the mall! Do me a favor and smoke a shit-load for me! Videogames and weed go hand in hand. Have fun dancing! Do you attend dance school? It's a very interesting form of expression (I love dancing to techno, disco, hip-hop, anything with a good funky beat). Enjoy and take care!