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Ah'mo commission youse....

  • Mar27/08 11:55:34
I want to commission someone, but all attempts so far are fruitless. So, baked furres? I have no price limit, so long as the price is reasonable, and it seems to be sort of the flavour that runs here.
What I'm looking for is a silver and black fox male holding the leash of a nude five-tailed kitsune female, who stares adoringly at him as he passes her a pipe, and blows a smoke heart out of his mouth. I can provide references if needed. I'm not sure if I'd like a background or not, yet, but I'm willing to pay whatever you come up with, but I'd like it to be a digital piece. What would be the price of such a thing?
Kappy Mar28/08 07:08:16

I mentionoed in repnse to your comment that I'm not open, but if you're still interested in a little bit then I'll hit you up and let you know.
Thats a pretty sweet idea and I'd like to see it done.

Luna Mar28/08 09:41:47
>> Oh, I'll definitely still be interested. -been eyeballing your work for a while-


  • Mar24/08 08:50:14

So, it seems I've finally stopped being lazy, and have made a bakedfur blog. I have with me some delicious Sour Diesel from Cali in a bat. DELICIOUS.


Anyway, I was on furc the other day, and I wonder: Why isn't there a bakedfurs dream? There should be, so we can all hang out and smoke up in realtime. :D 

karma Mar24/08 11:39:06
[karma]There is the mebeam room but it's hard to catch someone on :<
Luna Mar24/08 12:29:31

Fur serious? Where is it?


(I might consider coding up one myself eventually) 

karma Mar24/08 20:34:21
[karma]there's a link at the top that says Mebeam