Rantings of a stoner fox

Space Grass

  • Mar1/10 17:37:00
  • Listening To Clutch
  • Feeling Chill
  • Smoking a Bowl
[Miko Fox]

Duuuude. You guys ever heard of stoner metal? Ha, course you have. I think....

Whatever. Check out the genre, it's pretty tight. Listenin to Space Grass by Clutch, thats why it's called that on the blog. Yup. 


 "Hey Kid, are you goin' my way? We can have ourselves a field day! We'll run and buy some space grass, and watch the universe expand..." So sick. 

Not much to say ya know. This was mainly to get the pic of my "Woodshop Project" up. Making pipes in woodshop. Aaah. Good days. You'll notice it's got an assload of resin in it cuz I haven't gotten the chance to clean it out yet. I think thats a loaded bowl in there too, but I can't tell just by looking at the thumbnail and goddess knows I can't remember. Lol I just need to name it. I'm open to suggestion furs! Lemme know whatcha think!